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Allusions to Greek Mythology in the Modern World

Allusions to Greek Mythology in the Modern World

Many things in the modern world trace their roots to ancient cultures and mythology. Take the names of companies, products, and even movie and book characters, for example. Many interesting ones have been derived from mythology. This Buzzle article enlists some allusions to Greek mythology. It covers names of products, companies, characters, sports teams, cities, etc.
Ashmeet Bagga
Elmer is believed to be the Greek God of glue. Interestingly, Elmer's Products Inc. is a private company that manufactures adhesives, as also stationery, craft, and hardware.
To honor a particular Greek God, as a symbol of a certain Greek mythical character, or simply because the name sounds different, many companies, products, and even cities have been given names that are directly linked to Greek mythology. Due to books, movies, and other sources telling us about the ancient Greeks and the interesting traits and unusual powers that Greek mythical figures had, many are tempted to allude to Greek mythology in naming products or characters in the modern world.
Greek mythology had plethora of gods and goddess and their names have been adapted for many things. They are held in high regard for the powers they had. But they are also remembered because their names are still in use. They have been given to popular brands, and other things like cities and teams have also been given their names. This makes people of the modern world, associate these companies or their products with those Greek figures. Here, we look at references that the modern world has made to Greek mythology.
Company Names
● Ares
This car name is derived from the Greek god of war with the same name.

Buick Electra
Buick Electra is a full-size premium automobile made by the Buick division of General Motors. The name is derived from Electra, the daughter of Agamemnon and Clytemnestra, and princess of Argos.

This minivan produced by Honda derives its name from Odysseus, the Greek king of Ithaca. Homer's poem Odyssey portrays him to be a hero.

The logo of Starbucks is a Siren. In Greek mythology, Sirens were considered to be dangerous yet beautiful creatures who would enchant the sailors with their voices, thereby causing a shipwreck.

He was a king with a golden touch, meaning whatever he touched turned into gold. In the modern world, Midas is an automotive company that specializes in producing brakes and mufflers.
In Greek mythology, Nike was a winged goddess of victory who could run and fly at a great speed. Nike is a popular sports brand, famous for selling sports shoes.

It is one of the largest online stores in the world. In Greek mythology, a group of strong women warriors who were trained in combat and archery were known as the Amazons.

She was the first woman in Greek mythology, her name meant all-gifted. Pandora, in the modern world, is a jewelry company founded in Denmark. Pandora Media Inc. is an Internet radio service.

Ajax was a Greek warrior in the Trojan war who was a man of great valor. In the modern world, AJAX may refer to a group of web development techniques. There is a brand of cleaning products by the same name.

The logo for Versace actually represented Medusa in Greek mythology.

It is where the Greek gods resided. It is a popular camera company. The company Olympic airlines also derives its name from Olympus.

Argus Panoptes was an all-seeing giant with hundred eyes. In the modern world, Argos Data Collection System looks after global satellite coverage.

Trident was one of the symbols of Poseidon, it was a three-pronged spear. Trident in the modern world, is a famous gum brand and its name translates to three-toothed.

Volkswagen Phaeton
Volkswagen Phaeton is a luxury sedan by Volkswagen. In Greek mythology, Phaeton was the son of Oceanid Clymene and the solar deity Apollo.

The company derives its name from Pegasus, the winged horse in Greek mythology. The company has incorporated only the last four letters of Pegasus in its name.

In classical antiquity, Oracle refers to a person who could predict the future and give wise advice. In the modern world, Oracle refers to a famous computer hardware company.

He was the messenger of Greek gods. In the modern world, Hermès is the name of a company that specializes in luxury goods, lifestyle accessories, perfumes, etc.

In Greek mythology, Dove was a symbol of Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty. Unilever owns a personal care brand by the same name.

In Greek mythology, Titans were the elderly gods who ruled the earth before they were overthrown by the Olympians. Titan, a famous Indian watch company and the football team Tennessee Titans are modern-day allusions to Greek mythology.

● Eos
Eos was the Greek goddess of Dawn. In the modern world, Eos is a line of cameras produced by Canon. Additionally, Eos is a company that specializes in personal care products.
● Fluffy, the dog
Fluffy was the three-headed dog in Harry Potter. The character was derived from the Greek mythological creature Cerberus who was also a three-headed dog that guarded the underworld.

Hermione in Greek mythology was the daughter of Menelaus and Helen.

Among many other references to this name in literature, a famous allusion is that of Peter Pan. The name of this character is derived from the Greek deity Pan.

King Triton
The character King Triton from 'The Little Mermaid' is derived from the Greek sea god Poseidon.

A strip in Planet Comics, called Mars God of War featured a character based on Ares. He was shown to be taking over people's bodies to cause war.

● Pluto

Pluto, the dog from Mickey Mouse, derives its name from Pluto, the ruler of the underworld in Greek mythology.
Sports Teams
● Toronto Argonauts
It is the name of a Canadian football team. In Greek mythology, Argonauts refer to a band of heroes who joined Jason in finding Golden Fleece.

● Phoenix Suns
Phoenix refers to a bird that was reborn from the ashes. This basketball team derives its name from this mythical creature.
● Athens
The capital city of Greece is named after the goddess Athena. Athena and Poseidon competed with each other to give their name to the city. Poseidon with his trident created a spring, which was salty water. Athena, on the other hand produced an olive tree, which the population felt was useful to them. Hence the city got the name Athens.

He was an Olympian, god of music, light, art, and beauty. Places like Apollo Pennsylvania and Apollo Beach Florida have been named after him.

She was the daughter of the river god Peneus. Greek god Apollo was behind her. To escape from him, she turned herself into a Laurel tree. Daphne is the name of a city in Alabama.

The name Marathon is derived from the legend of Pheidippides, a Greek messenger. Marathon is a city in Florida. It is also the term used for a long-distance running event.

She was the daughter of King Priam and Queen Hecuba of Troy. It is also the name of a borough in Cambria County, Pennsylvania.

It is the state capital and the largest city in Arizona. Lord Darrell Duppa is said to be behind the name of this city. According to him, before this city was developed, ancient Americans' ruins were discovered here. Just like the mythical bird Phoenix rose from the ashes, Phoenix was also reborn from the ruins.
This was our list of allusions to Greek mythology. You might also like to go through this list of movies based on Greek mythology. Also, many constellations derive their names from it. Due to the contribution of Greeks to various fields and because of the interesting stories that surround Greek mythical figures, their names have been alluded to, in the modern-world business and popular culture. Does one of these or any other Greek name inspire you?