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America's Test Kitchen is the Most Informative Cooking Show on Television

America's Test Kitchen is the Most Informative Cooking Show on Television
Even though the Food Network has some great culinary programs, the best cooking show on television is found only on PBS.
Buzzle Staff
Perhaps the most unique aspect of America's Test Kitchen is that, the show comes to viewers as a result of the ongoing work and tireless kitchen testing, undertaken by a team of 40 chefs and product testers. So every time a show is telecasted, it is the result of an enormous amount of research and hard work put in by the entire cast and crew of this show. This ensures that the recipes and equipment that are shown, have been scrupulously tested and only the best recipes and products are showcased.
The powerful personality of Christopher Kimball, the dynamic group of chefs, and product testers who are featured on each show, create a very engaging chemistry for the viewers. The chefs explain in detail about some of the failed attempts that went into making the final recipe. The interaction between the host and the professionals creates a nice variety of viewpoints, as well as an opportunity to answer any question that the viewers might have.
This show focuses its attention on those dishes that are extremely popular in America. As a result, there is usually a very utilitarian approach towards the recipes and dishes presented on the show. They do not try to prepare any exotic or difficult recipe. Rather, the focus is always on the best and easiest way to prepare delicious meals. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned expert in the kitchen, the information presented is useful for everyone.
In addition to an array of simple recipes and step-by-step cooking instructions, this show also devotes a segment for reviewing specific kitchen products and food items. Testers will bring a variety of kitchen tools and food products. They will explain in great detail about the methods used for testing these products and what were they looking for, while sampling each item.
When kitchen tools are tested, the tester usually identifies at least two exceptional pieces of equipment - one that is very expensive and one that is economical, but functions almost as well, or sometimes better than the former. This approach ensures that viewers get information about the best products available in the market.
When food products are tested, the tester will explain the differences in products that are presented during the show. For example, one episode dealt specifically with different varieties of barbecue sauce that are available in all the major grocery stores. Because the product contained different ingredients, the tester took time to explain each and every one of them, and how to identify whether the sauce is good or bad. Eventually, Christopher Kimball undertakes a blind test for a few selected products and he picks his favorite amongst them. They reveal offers, prices, and the overall value associated with each product.
If you have a kitchen at home and like to prepare your own meal, you will definitely get a lot of valuable information from every episode of this show. The show is available only on the local Public Broadcasting System, in the area of Maryland and hence, might not be easily accessible.