Best Kung Fu Movies

Best Kung Fu Movies
In case you were in a dilemma about which are the best Kung Fu movies of all time, look no further. The text to come may probably help you come to a conclusion!
Entertainism Staff
There is one thing that China gave Hollywood that it's grateful for - the martial arts! Hollywood has got its greatest martial arts stars Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan from the China! Thanks to these two, Hollywood has got a truckload of fantastic Kung Fu movies. Here are some of them.
Enter The Dragon
This Bruce Lee starrer, even after almost 3 decades after being released, does not fail to amaze you. I am sure this movie would also be among the top Hollywood movies and also is one of the best action movies of all time!
Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
With best foreign language film Oscar, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon is a fabulous tribute to the martial arts and is one of the greatest action movies. Great special effects and great martial arts supported by big stars like Michelle Yeoh and Chow Yun Fat has make this film a must watch.
Drunken Master
We all love Jackie Chan, don't we? Well, with drunken master, this mastery of comedy and martial arts paved way for a completely new style of Kung Fu.
The 36th Chamber of Shaolin
Shaolin temple comes into the picture with this top action movie. The Shaolin temple is supposed to be the Mecca for the Kung Fu practitioners. A Kung Fu student learns the art in the temple and evades his enemies in his native village to teach a lesson to an evil warlord in this film.
Kung Fu Hustle
Starring Stephen Chow, this is another good movie. The movie revolves around gang wars. It was released in 2004, and is supposedly the best movies of the decade as far as Kung Fu is concerned.
Raging Phoenix
This is another martial arts movie. Although it's Thai, it has a female lead who has done the martial arts stunts. It was released in 2009.
Shaolin Temple
The place where Kung Fu was born again comes into picture with this film. Jet Li starrer Shaolin Temple undoubtedly stands out as one of the best Kung Fu movies.
Fist Of Fury
Bruce Lee's Fist of Fury created quite a flurry in Hollywood. Bruce Lee avenges the shady death of his master in Shanghai in the movie. Could the list be complete without at least a couple of Bruce Lee films?!
The Prodigal Son
Prodigal Son is another movie that is peppered with great action sequences starring Yuen Biao and Lam Ching-Ying.
Shaolin Master Killer
Directed by Liu Chia Liang, this is a story of young man who takes training to become a Shaolin monk. He eventually reaches the 36th chamber of the temple, the ultimate aim of anyone learning Kung Fu.
Five Deadly Sins
Five Deadly Sins is a Hong Kong based martial arts film which was directed by Chang Cheh, and deserves to be on this list!
Bulletproof Monk
Sean William Scott and the nonchalant Chow Yun Fat going about the Kung Fu action sequences is worth watching in this movie.
One more classic from Zhang Yimou after Crouching Tiger, Hero is a very moving story about a warrior played by Jet Li whose sacrifice led to the foundations of China as we know it now.
Iron Monkey
Iron Monkey is directed and acted by Chen Kuan tai, which has a plot of the main protagonist being a monkey Kung Fu expert.
Wow! I wish I could go on and on about these fabulous movies! Now I am sure if you might have missed any movies amongst these, you are going to watch them as soon as possible! The list, is actually quite long, though I can't help it because ultimately all good things come to an end!