Dance Movies List

Dance Movies List

Dance is a language of passion that only another dancer can truly understand. Here is a list of dance movies that are sure to make you lose yourself in a world where dance means everything.
To truly understand the passion that dancing evokes in people, you have to watch some of the best dance movies. They, very beautifully, depict the struggles, sensitivities, adventures, and ups and downs that dancers go through in life, while trying to find a place in the world of dancing.

Some movies are, however, based on common people, like you and me who dance to beat their blues, or find some meaning in their lives. Here are the top five dance movies of all time, followed by a comprehensive list of dance movies till date.

Top Five Dance Movies
1978 - Romance
1980 - Musical
1984 - Comedy
Dirty Dancing
1987 - Romance
2002 - Musical
Couple Dancing

Before the 80's
Dance films before the seventies were uncommon and sparse. Yet, the movies that did come up with this unique idea, were rated high and became popular instantly. Some of them were filmed on dance stars itself. Others were musicals with dance as the movie theme.
Top Hat
1935 - Comedy
Singin' In The Rain
1952 - Comedy
1977 - Drama
Saturday Night Fever
1977 - Drama
The Red Shoes
1948 - Romance
West Side Story
1961 - Drama
The Turning Point
1977 - Drama
All That Jazz
1979 - Fantasy

The Glorious Eighties
The Eighties were a time of rebellion, with movies showing an increasing amount of nudity and going a step ahead into arenas that were earlier unexplored. The dance movies of the eighties reflected the same, with a lot more glamor and jazz than their predecessors.
Grease 2
1982 - Comedy
Staying Alive
1983 - Drama
1984 - Comedy
1984 - Comedy
A Chorus Line
1985 - Drama
Girls Just Want to Have Fun
1985 - Comedy
1988 - Romance
Dance Academy
1988 - Drama
1983 - Romance
Wild Style
1983 - Drama
Beat Street
1984 - Drama
Heavenly Bodies
1984 - Drama
White Nights
1985 - Drama
Fast Forward
1985 - Drama
1988 - Comedy
1989 - Drama

The Nostalgic Nineties
Full-length movies were the trend of the nineties, and dance movies, such as "Dance With Me" reflected it. With the increasing use of the television, many of the films were released as DTH (Direct-to-home) movies, including some dance film sequels.
1990 - Drama
Stepping Out
1991 - Comedy
Swing Kids
1993 - Drama
The Tango Lesson
1997 - Drama
Dance with Me
1998 - Romance
The Forbidden Dance
1990 - Drama
Strictly Ballroom
1992 - Comedy
1995 - Drama
1998 - Drama
Do You Wanna Dance?
1999 - Comedy

The 21st Century
Cinema in the 21st century turned more poignant with the films reflecting the problems of the times. Various cultural changes, pop and otherwise, were reflected by these films. The movie casts would range from promising newcomers to famous stars. The dance films of these times showcase similar themes.
Bring It On
2000 - Comedy
Center Stage
2000 - Drama
A Time For Dancing
2002 - Drama
Shall We Dance?
2004 - Comedy
Roll Bounce
2005 - Comedy
Step Up
2006 - Romance
How She Move
2007 - Drama
Stomp The Yard
2007 - Drama
Feel The Noise
2007 - Drama
Step Up 2: The Streets
2008 - Drama
2009 - Drama
Mao's Last Dancer
2009 - Biography
Black Swan
2010 - Thriller
2010 - Drama
StreetDance 2
2012 - Drama
Billy Elliot
2000 - Comedy
Save The Last Dance
2001 - Drama
2003 - Drama
You Got Served
2004 - Comedy
Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights
2004 - Romance
Innocent Steps
2005 - Comedy
Take The Lead
2006 - Drama
Ballet Shoes
2007 - Drama
Make It Happen
2008 - Drama
2009 - Musical
Dance Flick
2009 - Comedy
Step Up 3D
2010 - Drama
StreetDance 3D
2010 - Drama
Honey 2
2011 - Drama
Step Up Revolution
2012 - Drama

Documentary Films on Dance

That's Dancing!
Mad Hot Ballroom
Planet B-Boy
Every Little Step
Crazy Horse
Shooting Film

The documentary films are a great choice if you want to understand dance in depth. The top five movies are also a personal choice. This list is comprehensive to the best of my knowledge. If I have missed out on some movies, feel free to add them in the comments section below.