Famous Actresses List

A List of the Famous Actresses Who are Truly an Inspiration

Can you imagine a Hollywood movie without an actress in it? I am sure it doesn't sound very exciting, as they make the movie more interesting and pleasant to watch. Take a look at the list of famous actresses put together just for you.
Who can forget Vivian Ward, played by Julia Roberts in the 1990 romantic flick, Pretty Woman. Most of you might remember the very famous dialog;

Edward: "Vivian, what is it you want? What do you see happening between us?"
Vivian: "I don't know. When I was a little girl, my mama used to lock me in the attic when I was bad, which was pretty often. And I would... I would pretend I was a princess, trapped in the tower by a wicked queen. And then suddenly, this knight, on a white horse, with these colors flying, would come charging up and draw his sword... and I would wave, and he would climb up the tower, and rescue me. But never in all the time... that I had this dream... did the knight say to me, Come on, baby, I'll put you up in a great condo."

Like Julia Roberts there are many other famous actresses who are well-known for their own unique styles and characters they portray in their movies.

Every Hollywood or regional movie has a lead female role, which is played by many well-known female celebrities. These characters then become a part of their identities as they do a remarkable work to be appreciated worldwide. Few such actresses are listed below in the list just for your information.
Famous Hollywood Actresses

✿ Elizabeth Taylor

✿ Marilyn Monroe

✿ Judy Garland

✿ Julie Andrews

✿ Audrey Hepburn

✿ Diane Keaten

✿ Angelina Jolie

✿ Eva Mendes

✿ Megan Fox

✿ Jodie Foster

✿ Helen Hunt

✿ Halle Berry

✿ Salma Hayek

✿ Denise Richards

✿ Michelle Pfeiffer

✿ Uma Thurman

✿ Liv Tyler

✿ Sharon Stone

✿ Demi Moore

✿ Jennifer Aniston

✿ Charlize Theron

✿ Alyssa Milano

✿ Kim Cattrall

✿ Jennifer Lopez

✿ Sienna Miller

✿ Liz Hurley

✿ Amanda Peet

✿ Sandra Bullock

✿ Jennifer L. Hewitt

✿ Kirsten Dunst

✿ Renee Zellweger

✿ Catherine Z. Jones

✿ Marisa Tomei

✿ Michell Monaghan

✿ Alyson Hannigan

✿ Monica Bellucci

✿ Scarlett Johansson

✿ Rachel McAdams

✿ Jessica Alba

✿ Jessica Biel

✿ Zoe Saldana

✿ Naomi Watts

✿ Cate Blanchett

✿ Sarah M. Gellar

✿ Kate Winslet

✿ Cameron Diaz

✿ Drew Barrymore

✿ Meryl Streep

✿ Kate Hudson

✿ Susan Sarandon

✿ Keira Knightley

✿ Katie Holmes

✿ Natalie Portman

✿ Reese Witherspoon

✿ Nicole Kidman

✿ Eva Longoria

✿ Alicia Silverstone

✿ Kate Bosworth

✿ Meg Ryan

✿ Queen Latifah

✿ Jennifer Garner

✿ Carmen Electra

✿ Courtney Cox

✿ Lisa Kudrow
These women have earned their fame through hard work and their caliber. There are many Asian actresses who have earned similar reputation and fame as well. Take a look at a few actresses who have worked for Asian films, but, are a part of the global audience today.
Famous Asian Actresses
✿ Anna May Wong

✿ Michelle Yeoh

✿ Lucy Liu

✿ Maggie Q

✿ Tia Carrere

✿ Zhang Ziyi

✿ Gong Li

✿ Aishwarya Rai

✿ Freida Pinto

✿ Sandra Oh
All these super talented ladies have given their remarkable performances in every Hollywood movie in which they have acted. Their contribution towards world cinema is incomparable.