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Famous Female Sith Lords from Star Wars

Famous Female Sith Lords from Star Wars

In the Star Wars series, the Sith legacy has its own share of 'female' power. Though comparatively lesser in number, female Sith Lords with strong combat powers have struck down many Jedis. The following is a list of famous female Sith Lords in the Star Wars series.
Neha B Deshpande
Personalized Weapon
As against the traditional use of a lightsaber, Lumiya designed her own weapon: the lightwhip, which not only had powers of a lightsaber, but also the flexibility that a whip offered.
Filled with revenge and anger, female Sith Lords are no less evil or cold-hearted than their male counterparts. They say there is nothing more scary than a woman bent on seeking vengeance. Filled with contempt, there are some Jedis who were induced to turn to the dark side, and also some Sith ladies who converted into the good side. Whatever the case may be, these female Siths have been blessed with fiery powers of their own.

With each having their signature style of attire, designers of the Star Wars series have meticulously taken efforts to ensure that they portray their evil side, and it is easy to identify them easily.

The following are the names of famous female Sith Lords from the 'Star Wars' series.

Original Name: Shira Brie

She is an apprentice of Darth Vader, one of the strongest Sith Lords. She was sent on a mission to bring down Luke Skywalker, following which she suffered a crash and was left impaired. Later, Darth Vader gave her cybernetic parts which increased her powers. She later convinced Jacen Solo to be her apprentice. She is a strong leader, who emerged again despite her fallouts and fatal defeats.

Darth Zannah
Original Name: Zannah (Nickname: Rain)

Darth Zannah, the apprentice of Darth Bane, the founder of 'Rule of Two', is one of the strongest contenders for the legacy of Sith Lords. She was filled with anger for the Jedis, as they had killed her friend Laa, accidentally believing her to be a Sith. This induced her to agree to be a Sith apprentice. She successful brought down her master Darth Bane, and carried forward his legacy.

Vestara Khai

She was an apprentice of Olasris Rhea, and has a scar on her face. She was captured by the Skywalkers, and soon developed affection towards Ben Skywalker, Luke Skywalker's and Mara Jade's son. Though she intended to spy on the Skywalkers, she was forced to kill her father in a combat.

She is one of the evil Sith Lords who turned to the good side to be a Jedi. She later married Ben Skywalker. However, Vestara was exiled when she killed a Jedi to save her husband Ben. She also has a son with Ben, who she names after her father.

Lady Bastilla

Lady Bastilla was a treasure hunter's daughter, who was compelled by her mother to join the Jedi order, as she felt that it was safer for her daughter. Bastilla once belonged to the lighter side, and later fell in love with Darth Lord Revan. She helped in his comeback to the light side, when Darth Revan was betrayed by his apprentice Darth Malak.

Later, she was tortured by Darth Malak to become a Sith, and succumbed to his cruel intentions, and turned to the dark side. Finally, it was Raven who again brought her back to the light side.

Darth Maladi
Original Name: Malincha

The mad scientist with a high ponytail, she was known for her manipulative powers to mentally torture her enemies. Though she was born to a Jedi parent, she was trained to be a Sith by Darth Krayt, who killed her parents. After Darth Krayt came to know that a Skywalker descendant was in existence, he had Darth Maladi probe into the search. She held Jedi Hosk Trey'lis captive to interrogate him. He finally gave in to her torture, and told him about Cade Skywalker. When she captured Cade, she took many painstaking efforts to bring him to the dark side, but to no avail.

Darth Cognus
Original Name: Huntress

Originally working as an assassin, she was deployed by Princess Serra to track down Darth Bane. However, willing to learn the Sith ways, she asked for an apprenticeship with Darth Bane, and assumed her new identity of 'Cognus'. However, when Darth Zannah arrived for a duel with her master Darth Bane, she decided to serve either of the two who survived. Eventually, after Zannah's win, she completed her training under Zannah.

Cognus took Darth Millennial as an apprentice, However, he began to rebel against Bane's teachings and the 'Rule of Two', following which, she decided to discontinue his training.

Darth Talon

She is one of the hands of Darth Krayt, and was ordered to execute Emperor Roan Fel. Skimpily clad, her body depicts typical Sith symbols. Talon concocted a plan to kidnap the Emperor's daughter, Princess Marasiah Fel, and later on capture both the father-daughter duo. However, her plan was foiled by Cade Skywalker. She was asked by her master to capture Cade Skywalker.

Later, she managed to capture Skywalker, and brought him to Darth Krayt. He ordered her to take Cade as an apprentice. During the process, the two came together romantically. Talon, however, doubted that Cade was merely appearing to be on the Sith side. Cade managed to escape, mortally wounding Talon.

Some other examples of female Sith Lords in SWTOR (Star Wars: The Old Republic) are Darth Zash, Darth Lachris, etc. The growing popularity of the Star Wars series can be depicted in the adaptations: movies, video games, etc., not to mention the endless discussions of the viewers. Fans are eagerly waiting for the next movie 'Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens', which is scheduled to be released on December 18, 2015.