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The Most Lovey-dovey Romantic Comedies for 2018 to Watch Again

Romantic Comedies 2018
The following article lists some of the best romantic comedies along with the star cast, and a brief synopsis of the movie plot.
Entertainism Staff
Last Updated: Dec 14, 2017
If you have seen any of the top romantic comedies of all time, such as 'When Harry met Sally' or 'Pretty Woman' or 'Annie Hall', you must have observed that they have a kind of feel-good factor to them. You keep on thinking about the fun, romance and happy endings (yes! all of them end on a sweet note), long after these movies are over. So for all those people, who share this love for comedy as well as romantic movies, given below is a list of some of the latest movies.
The Big Sick
Director - Michael Showalter
Cast - Kumail Nanjiani, Zoe Kazan
Released on - June 23, 2017 

It's a story of a Pakistani comedian Kumail who meets a girl named Emily at one of his stand-up gigs. Their relationship evolves into a love affair but now he is worried of how his traditional Muslim family will apprehend his relationship. Emily suffers from an illness and later goes into coma. In this period of time, Kumail develops a strong bond with her worried parents.
The Wedding Plan
Director - Rama Burshtein
Cast - Noa Kooler, Oz Zehavi
Released on - May 12, 2017 

Michal is an orthodox Jewish woman who is in her early thirties. She seeks comfort and security through marriage, but her fiancé calls off the wedding just a month before the ceremony. Michal decides to keep all the reservations, believing that God will soon send the right man for her. The story takes a hilarious turn when she hires two matchmakers and goes on disastrous dates.
Everybody Loves Somebody
Director - Catalina Aguilar Mastretta
Cast - Karla Souza, Ben O'Toole
Released on - February 10, 2017

Clara is a pretty young woman who has everything on her plate; she just needs to sort out her love life. Pressured by her family to attend a wedding ceremony, she asks her colleague, Asher to accompany her to the wedding as her boyfriend. However, she is stunned to see her ex at the ceremony. Now, she is left to choose between her former relationship and the odds of a new romance with Asher.
The Incredible Jessica James
Director – James C. Strouse
Cast – Jessica Williams, Chris O'Dowd, Keith Stanfield, Noël Wells
Released on – January 27, 2017

Jessica, a strong, witty, and ambitious playwright, agrees to go on a blind date set up by a friend. She meets Boone who has recently been divorced. They both are bruised because of their past relationships. In spite of a bad beginning of the date, they develop a strong connection. As time passes, they get over their bitter breakups and fall in love with each other.
This Is Not What I Expected
Director – Derek Hui
Cast – Takeshi Kaneshiro, Zhou Dongyu
Released on – May 5, 2017 

Lu Jin is a handsome and rich man who specializes in hotel acquisitions. Perfection has always been his motto. He checks into Hotel Rosebud, where he gets disappointed with the quality of food and service, until Gu, the sous chef, cooks the perfect meal for him. In spite of being rivals outside the kitchen, they are brought together to create some delicious dishes. Can food bridge the gap between them?
The Lovers
Director – Azazel Jacobs
Cast – Debra Winger, Tracy Letts
Released on – May 5, 2017

A couple is entangled in an extramarital affair because of their long lost marriage. Later on, they find themselves falling for each other all over again. This story is a brutally honest modern day love story with some quirky and chaotic comedy.
Table 19
Director – Jeffrey Blitz
Cast – Anna Kendrick, Lisa Kudrow, Stephen Merchant, Craig Robinson
Released on – March 3, 2017

Despite being dumped by the best man (bride's brother) and relieving herself from the duties of the maid of honor; Eloise, still decides to attend her old friend's wedding. She happens to sit in the end of the room on table 19 and finds herself surrounded by a bunch of misfits. Watch this movie to find out the secrets that are unveiled at table 19.
Paris Can Wait
Director – Eleanor Coppola
Cast – Diane Lane, Alec Baldwin,
Released on – May 12, 2017

Michael Lockwood is a successful and workaholic Hollywood producer. Michael and his wife Anne plan a trip to Paris, but he gets caught up in work. So, Jacques, his producing partner offers to accompany Anne on a car trip from Cannes to Paris. He is more than happy to escort her around and take her to try amazing French cuisines. This movie shows some breathtaking landscapes and tempting French cuisine.