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Romantic Movies That'll Tug at Your Heartstrings and Make You Cry

Romantic Movies that Make You Cry
There have been a number of romantic movies made in Hollywood which touch your heart and leave you teary-eyed. Here we give you some of the famous ones of this category.
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"Winning that ticket, Rose, was the best thing that ever happened to me... it brought me to you ... You must do me this honor, Rose. Promise me you'll survive. That you won't give up, no matter what happens, no matter how hopeless. Promise me now, Rose, and never let go of that promise"
Wow, what beautiful lines by Leonardo Di Caprio, as Jack to Kate Winslet, Rose, in the Hollywood super hit movie Titanic. Every time I come across these lines or see this part of the movie, it makes my eyes moist. This is true love; when your partner's happiness and well-being are more important to you than your own. Romantic movies that make you cry are perfect for spending a romantic evening, cuddled up with your loved one. They are also a great option for lonely nights, when your special someone is away from you, as they bring back so many fond memories. What makes these sad, love movies so special? I guess, deep down, we are all romantic at heart (even though you may blatantly deny the fact), and these sad movies take us to a different world, a world where love is truly magical.

All of us want to spend our lives with someone we love and who loves us back equally. We are all searching for our soulmates, and watching these romantic movies is a way to inspire us that we need to keep looking for our better half. All these movies have one motto - 'No matter where you are, no matter who you are, true love will find its way to you'. The lucky ones who have found their better halves (or rather someone who completes them), watch these movies because they want to relive their own memories. It's a way of celebration for these lucky couples and a symbol to make their love bond even stronger. The following list of movies about love will make you cry, but will surely help increase the romance quotient in your and your partner's heart.
Sad Romantic Movies
The Notebook
Undeniably one of the best romantic movies that will let out all the emotions in you. The wife is suffering from Alzheimer's disease and the husband is totally devoted to her. He tries to help her recognize him by recollecting the tales of their love story from the start to the end. The film ends with both dying in each others arms. This movie is surely gonna bring a wave of tears in your eyes.
This is one story that will make you cry, whether you are a romantic at heart or not. The epic story about the ship that can never sink, which met its fate on its first journey itself. The story about a rich girl falling in love with a poor boy who wants to go to America and try his luck in the country of never-ending dreams. You can actually feel the chill of the icy cold water, when Jack is asking his love, Rose to never give up and to continue with her life, get married, and have lots of babies, and grow old. By the time Rose realizes the love of her life, the boy who gave her strength to survive, is dead. You will run out of tissues watching this one.
Love Story
The movie is based on the novel 'Love Story', written by Erich Segal. The story is about a wealthy guy falling in love with a middle-class girl, in college. The two get married in spite of their poor financial condition and against his father's will. Their happy marriage sees an ill-fated twist when the girl is detected with leukemia. The movie is a classic favorite and will make your heart melt to see the boy's commitment and their love for one another.
P.S. I Love You
Holly and Gerry are a couple who experience the ups and downs of married life. In spite of all their differences, they are simply crazy about each other. When Gerry dies of brain tumor, Holly realizes just how much she loved him and needs him. What helps her through her misery are letters that Gerry had prearranged to be delivered to her, all with the last line stating - P.S. I Love You. With the help of his letters, Holly finds the confidence to restart her life.
If Only
Sam lives with her businessman boyfriend, Ian, in London. The movie revolves around couple taking each other for granted. Even though Ian loves Sam, he takes her for granted. After spending an eventful day together, Sam meets with an accident. However, Ian wakes up the next day to find Sam hale and hearty. He's given a second chance to show,how much he loves her. He makes the most of this opportunity and takes her to his hometown. Watch this movie to see what happens in the lives of this couple.
A Walk to Remember
Landon Carter is this good-looking, popular guy in high school. While participating in school activities, as a result of a punishment, Landon meets the shy and bookish Jamie Sullivan. He asks for Jamie's help to practice his lines for a play. They get to know each other and eventually begin dating. Landon spends most of his time with Jamie. However, all hell breaks loose when Jamie confesses that she has terminal leukemia. Landon takes up the responsibility of fulfilling Jamie's wish list. He dedicates all his time to her. After Jamie passes away, her father tells Landon that Jamie's most important wish, to witness a miracle, came true in the form of Landon. This movie is bound to bring tears to anyone's eyes.
Here is a list of some other romantic movies, which have moments that will surely moisten your eyes, but mostly lead to a happy ending.

● Serendipity
● Under the Tuscan Sun
● Something's Gotta Give
● Just Like Heaven
● The Holiday
● 50 First Dates
● When Harry Met Sally
● While You Were Sleeping
● Notting Hill
● Sleepless in Seattle
● Dirty Dancing
● Definitely Maybe
● Gone With the Wind
● Pretty Woman
● America's Sweethearts
● Elizabeth town
● Sweet Home Alabama
● Sweet November
● (500) Days of Summer
● Sophie's Choice
● Chasing Amy
● Casablanca
● Grease
● My Best Friend's Wedding
● Autumn in New York

These are some movies that have touched my heart. I am sure you too will agree that these movies deserve to be seen over and over again. You will find many other movies that come under the category of romantic movies that make you cry. Just grab a bag of popcorn, some soda, and snuggle up on the couch with your date, and enjoy these movies of love.
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