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Act it Out With These Marvelous Skit Ideas for Your Next Play

Skit Ideas
Skits serve both the purposes, entertainment as well as education for kids and adults alike. They can be satirical and at the same time a fun way to convey the most uncomfortable messages as well. Watching a live performance has its own appeal and the charm of skits will never fade. Read further to get some good skit ideas that you can put to use.
Veena Aruldass
Last Updated: Mar 12, 2018
Everyone has some cherished memory of performing in skits and plays in their school days. These memories never fail to bring a smile on our face. Whatever kind the skit be: funny, serious, musical, or mythological, the rehearsals were always fun.

The backstage chaos, costume changes, mugging up the dialogs, and becoming completely blank at the wrong time! This indeed brings back the jittery feeling as well as delightful moments, doesn't it?

You can experiment with a number of ideas and perform skits at social gatherings, such as birthday parties, anniversaries, send-off parties, camps, etc.

Different Skit Ideas

A skit is nothing but a play but, of a comparatively shorter duration. It is usually performed in an informal setting where sophisticated stage equipment is not available, like a club meeting, classroom or a party. It includes a written script that is acted or performed live in a theater or on a stage.

For Kids

Kids are always fascinated with the idea of drama, and they are ever ready to absorb new ideas. Acting out various skits can be an innovative way of reaching out to these young minds. Of course, it is important to choose the best theme for them. If they are able to connect to the topic, they will be able to perform better.

Children can act out skits which have a moral, or ones that are plain funny. Nursery rhymes make one of the best musical skits. It's always a delight to watch the little ones on stage.

You can also try themes as per the occasion. During Christmas, they can enact plays related to Christmas stories. This is a good way to get them acquainted with the history as well.

Thanksgiving family functions are ideal for the kids to perform. Other occasions include school gatherings or birthday parties. Using props or puppets will make the skits much more innovative and kids will love them more. The puppet shows are very entertaining and interesting as they bring still objects to life.

If you do not want to include any morals or lessons, then they can also perform a short skit on their favorite cartoon character like Popeye or Bob the Builder, or even superheroes like Batman and Spiderman.

For College Students

College students can learn new things in an entertaining way through skits. These can be targeted at students from various backgrounds. You can prepare them for a homecoming party or a class reunion.

They can include a scene from a history lesson or your own interpretation of Othello or Hamlet. This will be a good way to acquaint them with literature and famous writers.

You can also deal with serious situations like drug abuse or addictions through skits. These issues need to be handled in a sensitive yet effective way, and what can be a better way than involving them in writing and enacting such plays.

Another interesting idea you can use is relationships. Since most college students have to deal with relationship problems, and all the effects that they cause in life, this could be an interesting way of putting them across. Humorously written dialogs will connect better with the youngsters, and the message will be put across in a lighthearted way.

Musical or dancing skits can be a huge rage with these youngsters. They can be on any topic, and will give students a chance to dance, and sing, thus showcase their talent.

Participating and directing skits in college will not only help build confidence and give a positive self-image for these youngsters but will also help in bringing out their hidden talent and love for performing.

Funny Ideas

Humor is always a hit with the audiences and the people participating enjoy them equally. Plus, it will appeal to people of all ages. You can come up with an impromptu skit in an informal party or when you are just hanging out with friends.

You can mime a family member or friend but remember to keep it in a good spirit. Funny skits are welcome for any occasion, be it a birthday party, Thanksgiving, church gathering or even outdoor camps. You can also write your own script and get a few friends or family members to act out the play.

Skits can be performed indoors as well as outdoors, and are a great idea for any gathering and occasion. They can serve as ice breakers, as a break from a monotonous session or just pure entertainment. I am sure the ideas mentioned in this article will help you put up an amazing show. So think of any topic, situation or character, gather a few friends and plan an entertaining cum educational skit. Just go ahead and keep your audiences riveted!