Movies About Submarines

Submarines are a criminally underemployed class of vehicles in movies, but when they are involved, the movies have often turned out to be hits. Read on for a list of some of the best movies involving submarines...
Entertainism Staff
For some people, movies about submarines offer great excitement and drama. There is something about the act of being inside a vessel many nautical miles under the surface of the ocean, and battling it out for survival with natural elements and villainous humans. Over the years, plenty of great movies about submarines have hit the theaters, and there are some amongst them that have stood the test of time and are still considered among the must-see movies of all time.
Top 10 Submarine Movies
The sense of adventure and paranoia that these movies evoke make them firm favorites for action movie lovers. Set against the backdrop of global conflicts, wars, and impending natural disasters, these movies will leave you on the edge of your seat and your mouth gaping open with the suspense.
Rank Movie Cast Description
1 Crimson Tide (1995) Gene Hackman, Denzel Washington This is one of the best movies about nuclear submarines, and it deals with the position an American submarine (Alabama) faces when it comes up against a Russian rebel uprising. The chemistry between the two lead actors makes this an excellent and gripping watch.
2 The Hunt for Red October (1990) Sean Connery, Alec Baldwin Connery plays a Russian submarine commander who is approaching the United States in a dangerous manner, and Baldwin is one of the men who is expected to repel the submarine.
3 Run Silent, Run Deep (1958) Clark Gable, Burt Lancaster Out of all the WWII movies, this one is a long-running favorite. Gable plays the role of a captain of a sunken submarine, and when he gets command of a new one, he goes on a rampage to find the ship that sunk his crew. The similarities with 'Moby Dick' are uncanny.
4 Torpedo Run (1958) Glenn Ford, Ernest Borgnine This is one of the old movies that deals with the dilemma a captain has to make. He can choose to sink a ship of Japanese war criminals, but the problem is that the ship contains several prisoners of war, amongst whom his wife and child are also present.
5 Das Boot (1981) Jurgen Prochnow, Herbert Gronemeyer 'The Boat' is a German movie that deals with the plight of a German crew on a U-boat. Their point of view is shown, and this offers a different perspective about what the Germans' real purpose for using these deadly U-boats was.
6 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (1954) Kirk Douglas, James Mason Based on the classic book by Jules Verne, this creation by Disney Movies is still considered to be one of the best ever made. Though the visual effects are now obsolete, the storyline is still as endearing as ever.
7 U-571 (2000) Matthew McConaughey, Bill Paxton Out of many war movies, this is one of the most thrilling and suspense-filled ones. The plot revolves around an American submarine that has to take over a German U-boat, and capture a device that is being used to communicate with all other U-boats in the area.
8 The Enemy Below (1957) Robert Mitchum, Curd Jurgens This submarine movie set the precedent for all such endeavors in the future, and it is a classic confrontational battle between the two commanders of an American and a German submarine. The sensations of war are always looming, and there can only be one clear winner at the end.
9 K-19, The Widowmaker (2002) Harrison Ford, Liam Neeson The story deals with a Soviet submarine that has to deal with a malfunctioning core, and the impending sense of disaster. Bad equipment and incompetence of the crew leads to devastating consequences. The movie is based on true events that occurred in 1961.
10 Ice Station Zebra (1968) Rock Hudson, Ernest Borgnine This is a movie that deals with a rescue mission gone wrong. When a British submarine is sent to pick up a civilian from the North Pole, a series of events put the entire mission at risk and the crew in mortal danger.

This list of movies only deals with a few of the good movies that are based on submarines. There are plenty more that you can explore as well.