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Top 10 Comedians 2017

Life today has become more serious and complicated than it ever was. People are so involved and tensed in their daily lives that they have no time to have a hearty laugh. However, there are a certain group of people who have taken up the responsibility of making others laugh no matter what, and they have gotten pretty good at it. Here is the list of the top 10.
Entertainism Staff
Last Updated: Jun 3, 2018
Sebastian Maniscalco
The next big thing is just around the corner. You have got to see him, because you may not hear him. Sebastian Maniscalco is famous for his pantomime and his hilarious physical comedy. He cracks up the audience without saying a word. But he is not always mute he punctuates his performance with subtle jokes that shows his perspicacious attitude. One of the new entries in the highest-paid list, this promising comedian is on tour, hitting major theaters around the country.
Jeff Dunham
The guy with the skeleton puppet. Jeff Dunham!! Yeah, that's the one. After his first appearance on 'The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson' on April 6, 1990 Jeff Dunham's career has only gone up. He holds a Guinness World Record for “Most Tickets Sold for a Stand-up Comedy Tour”. His latest comedy special premiered on Netflix which was well received, opening up the talented ventriloquist to a much wider audience.
Terry Fator
'The Voice of Entertainment' has been one of the most loved shows in America. Terry Fator and his 15 puppets have been entertaining America for years now. He sings in the voices of his puppets which as said by Sharon Osbourne ' puts a twist on the whole being a ventriloquist thing'. The America's Got Talent winner performs in Las Vegas, and has been its resident for quite a while now.
Jim Gaffigan
The Clean Comic. Jim Gaffigan is known for his profanity-less humor. The only comic who is set to perform before the pope is Jim. His gigs go on to prove that you don't need profane material and sex related jokes to be hilarious. He was one of the most popular comedians on with more than 647 million spins. He has performed at naval bases, charity foundations, and similar events all before a family audience. He is coming with his own autobiographical sitcom on Netflix this year.
Kevin Hart
'The Grown Little Man', Kevin Hart started his successful tours in 2009, post being humiliated and booed off the stage multiple times. He soon became a comedy sensation with his comedy tour being announced as the biggest hit of the year. His last comedy special 'What Now?' did a box office business of USD 23 million. His unique style of comedy earned him a huge following on the social networks. Kevin is starring in the new Jumanji movie which is set to release in December 2017.
Amy Schumer
The hot and funny Amy Schumer is 'The first woman ever to make it to the Forbes list of highly-paid comedians'. She has also written a best selling book, 'The Girl With The Lower Back Tattoo' that reached the top in a matter of days. About her latest show named ' Leather Special', the Los Angeles Times says that it not only relies on many of familiar and explicit themes, but kicks it all up a notch, so there’s more of it. The show features on Netflix.
Dave Chappelle
Dave Chappelle and his hilarious gigs which are racist, but not offensive had won hearts right in his first couple of tours. Despite his popular gigs, Dave has been out of the show business for quite some time. The June 2014 performance in the Radio City Hall was his first performance in years. Dave has made a mighty comeback by signing a deal with Netflix that will launch his two unseen comedy specials. Sources reveal that Dave Chappelle was paid USD 60 million for his Netflix special.
Louis C. K.
Louis C.K. sold his fourth full-hour special on the net for USD 5, which earned him over a million dollars and also inspired other comics. C.K was the first comedian to sell out at the Madison Square Garden three times in a single tour of 2015. Sources reveal that the talented comedian, writer, and actor signed a multi-million dollar deal with Netflix. The special will be featured soon.
Chris Rock
Chris Rock is back with a bang. His absence from the TV world for decade, made his return even more grand. Chris Rock has signed a record breaking USD 40 million deal with Netflix. The last time we saw Chris Rock was when he hosted the 89th Academy Awards and gave a much acclaimed performance despite the 'No Black Nominees Boycott'; It only went on to show the richness of the matured comedians character. With his tour currently being planned, all eyes await his Netflix Special.
Jerry Seinfeld
The comedy legend, Jerry Seinfeld has ruled the comedy world for more than two decades. Wait, it gets better. The network giant Netflix has signed a USD 40 million deal with him to launch a show 'Jerry Before Seinfeld' that will reflect on the legend's early days. The new deal has helped Seinfeld regain the first position on the list of highest-paid comedians.