Top Korean Movies

There are many top Korean movies that have a beautiful storyline and awesome cinematography. Read the following article to know about some of the popular Korean movies of all time.
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Last Updated: May 31, 2018
Though the Korean movie industry encompasses the North and South Korean cinema, it is the movies produced in South Korea that have acclaimed world wide popularity. These movies have a different genre from the Hollywood movies and the plots have a different flavor that leave the audience wanting more.
Top Korean Movies of the Decade
There are a number of Korean movies, with their intriguing plots, awesome direction and amazing cinematography, that have garnered accolades among the masses. Since it is not possible to list all the movies, given below are some of the best Korean movies that have earned critical acclaim and have tasted success at the box office.
My Sassy Girl (2001)
This is one of the classics that has been produced in the history of the Korean cinema. This mega blockbuster is based on a true story that is told in love letters, later adapted into a novel. It is also considered as one of the most romantic movies and was successful in South Korea. It received the same acclaim from its audience when it was released in other countries like China, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan. An American remake of this movie by the same name, starring Jesse Bradford and Elisha Cuthbert was released in the year 2008. This movie was directed by the famous director Yann Samuell.
Oasis (2002)
The plot of this movie encircles around a prisoner who is arrested for manslaughter, a crime actually committed by his elder brother and serves a three year prison sentence. After his tenure in jail, the man tries to reconcile with the family of the deceased but is rejected. He is attracted towards the dead man's daughter, who is a victim of cerebral palsy. This is one of the films that tends to linger in the thoughts long after watching it. This movie also shows the attitude of the Korean society towards the disabled.
Silmido (2003)
This is one of the top action movies that grips the attention of its viewers right from the beginning till the end. Also known to be one of the best Korean movies, this action movie is based on the true life incidents of the secret ROK military commandos, who revolt and plan to murder Park Chung-hee, the dictator of South Korea.
Tae Guk Gi (2004)
Tae Guk Gi is one of the best war movies based on the famous Korean war and how it affects the lives of two brothers. This movie attracted a large audience and many of them loved this touching story. Apart from South Korea it was also released in other countries under the names Brotherhood Taegukgi (the United Kingdom) and Tae Guk Gi: The Brotherhood of War (the United States).
Welcome to Dongmakgol (2005)
This is another top Korean movie that is based on the Korean war. This is also one of the top grossing South Korean movies of all time. The story revolves around the two warring armies (from South and North Korea) and an American pilot who find themselves in a remote village. The villagers are completely unaware of the war that is raging around them.
Old Miss Diary (2006)
This is one of the best comedy movies that is adapted from the sitcom of the same name. This movie's plot is taken from the sitcom and has the same hilarious scenes that were responsible for the popularity of the sitcom. The story is about a 30 year old woman who finds failure in everything she does. Though this movie had no big stars, it had an unexpectedly long run in the theaters and sold approximately a million tickets.
Secret Sunshine (2007)
This is a tragic story of a woman who loses her husband and relocates to her husband's town, Miryang, to start life afresh. But another tragic event in the form of her son's kidnapping and murder overturns her life. A local man helps her in coping with this double tragedy and offers solace and hope to her. The movie that was screened at the Cannes Film Festival, won the appreciation of the critics. The movie stars Song Kang-ho and Jeon Do-yeon, who won the Best Actress Award at the film festival.
Forever the Moment (2008)
This movie, which is the first film that is based on the sport of handball, is a fictionalized narration of the South Korea women's handball team. The story revolves around the women's national handball team, who are competing in the Japan Handball League. Kim Hye-kyeong, a retired handball player is appointed as a coach for the women's team, which is group of undisciplined players. There is a clash between the players and the coach and Ahn Seung-pil, the star of the former men's handball team. The things began to take a bad turn, when the women's team loses to the high school boys team.
Private Eye (2009)
One of the best movies of all time, Private Eye released in 2009 had a very interesting storyline. This gripping detective story is about Jin-ho Hong, who works as private detective, who helps in solving petty family disputes and saves the money earned for a trip to the US. His life takes a turn when he is appointed to solve the murder of the son of the most influential man of Seoul, whose corpse is found in the woods. The discovery of another corpse murdered in the same manner and in the same place. The pair of Jin-ho and Gwang soo, who is a medical students, stumble upon a piece of evidence, a piece of cloth in the victim's hand, leads to the murderer. The way in which the case is solved is gripping and exciting.
Sooni, Where are You (2010)
One of the top Korean movies released in 2010, Sooni, Where are You is yet another movie from the comedy genre. The story is based on a family who are struggling to make ends meet. They come across a 5 million won diamond and compete for it with the Choon-bae clan, who try to sabotage their efforts. A rib tickling movie that will keep the audience roaring with laughter till the end.
Some of the other popular Korean movies, in no particular order are:
  • Millionaire's First Love
  • Everybody Has Secrets
  • The Perfect Couple
  • Now and Forever
  • A Moment To Remember
  • 100 Days with Mr. Arrogant
  • The Good, the Bad, the Weird
  • Typhoon
  • Hearty Paws
  • Friend
  • Gangster High
  • The City of Violence
  • Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter...and Spring
  • Sympathy for Lady Vengeance
  • Tale of Two Sisters
  • The Way Home
  • The Chaser
  • Crazy First Love
  • My Girl and I
  • He Was Cool
  • Innocent Steps
  • My Little Bride
  • Moby Dick
  • White: The Melody of the Curse
  • Miracle on Jongno Street
  • The True-taste Show
  • Mama
  • Sunny
  • Finding Mr. Destiny
  • The Warrior's Way
  • Yeouido
  • Petty Romance
  • Oldboy
  • JSA
  • Thirst
  • The Host
  • Try to Remember
  • Villain on the Second Floor
  • Ghost: In Your Arms Again
  • Festival
  • Love, in Between
  • Haunters
  • Rolling Home with a Bull
  • No Doubt
  • Bad Man and Woman
  • The Unjust
  • Come, Closer
  • Natalie
  • Loveholic
  • Midnight FM
  • Delighted? Delighted!
  • The 8 Sentiments
  • Cyrano Agency
  • Grand Prix
  • Quiz King
  • The Invincible
  • Troubleshooter
  • Break Away
  • Bedevilled
  • Desire To Kill
  • I Saw the Devil
  • Death Bell 2: Bloody Camp
  • The Man From Nowhere
  • Heart is... 2
  • Man of Vendetta
  • Barefoot Dream
  • 71-Into the Fire
  • Bang-ja Chronicles
  • On the Pitch
  • My Dear Desperado
  • The Housemaid
  • Republic of Korea 1%

This article was just a glimpse of some of the Korean movies, which have been top grossers. These movies are famous for their unique and interesting plots. So choose your favorite movies from the list of top Korean movies and enjoy watching them. But don't forget to grab a bucket of popcorn. Have fun!