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50 Unbelievable Facts That Seem Too Good to Be True

50 Unbelievable Facts
Here are 50 unbelievable facts, some of which are jaw-dropping, while others are plain funny, or might even seem too good to be true...
Buzzle Staff
Last Updated: Mar 12, 2018
Durdle Door at Night
Are You Serious?
If you talk about Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin, together they were responsible for the deaths of more than 40 million people. Yet, at some point of time, both were nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize!
Things happen all the time, most that are meant to, many that aren't, while a lot of stuff that takes place may be superhuman, ridiculous, funny, weird, or plain unbelievable. The world is such a big place, and there are so many facts about anything and everything, that it is impossible to know all of them.

Here, we won't be talking about great feats that make their way into the record books, rather we'll have a look at 50 unbelievable facts that are true to the core, but still makes one wonder in disbelief!
50 Enthralling Facts
Rats have the capacity to reproduce so quickly, that in less than two years, a male and female pair can have a million descendants.

Ever wondered how they haven't overrun our planet yet?
Russian Car
If you stay in Russia, or are even visiting there, make sure your car is clean. Not because it just looks good, but due to the fact that it is illegal to drive around in a dirty car in Russia.

Should open a car wash center somewhere here.
Afghan Hound
You love your pet dog, no matter how it is? Ever thought of getting an Afghan Hound home? This breed is considered to be the dumbest in the world.

You'd have your hands full in doggy training, I say!
Okay, it is common knowledge that Mount Everest is the tallest mountain in the world. Wait! Not quite! K2, running through Pakistan and China, becomes taller than Mount Everest for a few weeks, because of precipitation.

Bet this was something you never knew!
Arabic Numerals
Do you know how to count in Arabic? Well, if not, no problem. That's not the point here anyway. The real deal is, Arabic numerals were invented in India, and not by the Arabs.

No wonder, cuz even the number 0 was invented here.
You have a pet pig? Okay! Don't try calling out to it from your first floor window or balcony. It would be a waste, since pigs cannot look upwards anyway.

Talk about being ignored by your pet piggy!
If you think you know someone or some people really well, think again! On an average, we all tell around 4 lies daily.

This fact ain't a lie, trust me.
Longest Marriage
As time goes by, the number of broken relationships and divorces are increasing at an alarming rate. But dig this! The longest marriage on record lasted for 86 years, 9½ months - Herbert and Zelmyra Fisher from USA. (1924 - 2011)

Most of us won't even live for so many years, leave alone love someone for so long.
Everyday, there are more than 8 million lightning strikes on our planet. The good news is, almost all of them are harmless and cause no damage to life or property.

Thank God for that!
Everyday, 1% of the people in the world eat stuff made by McDonald's. That's like 70 million people, or more, on a daily basis!

Let's go grab a burger mate!
Bee Honey
Now, it would be difficult to find anyone who doesn't love honey! Don't let this fact change that. Honey is nothing but dehydrated bee vomit.

Say what you want, I still love honey. Yummm!
What do you think is the main reason the human race is expanding at an alarming rate? Simple. Every single day, around 200,000 babies are born all over the world.

This, besides the death rate decreasing because of medical advances.
Queen of England
Talk about the height of immunity! The Queen of England can never be arrested for any crime that she may commit.

Dude, be sure that you don't make her cross!
The best photographic memory is that of a pigeon. It will never forget a face it has seen even once in its lifetime.

Might be good to be used as eyewitnesses!
Pair of Shoes
How many of us have felt one shoe tighter than the other? Imagine the olden times! Left and right shoes only came into being after the 1850s. Till then, both shoes in a pair were identical.

Here is someone who can spend all the time in the world making love. Rattlesnakes can have sex that lasts up to 20 hours.

Whoaa! Marathon sex!
Of course we all have been taught that swearing is bad! But try swearing just when you hurt yourself, it helps numb the pain.

Ouch! *$#*v$)@%.
Cell Phone Addict
What's the one thing you cannot do without? Most will say their cell phone, and it's a fact. On an average, we check our cell phones 150 times a day.

There are quite a few phone addicts I know myself.
Harvard Library
There is so much talk about designer outfits made from animal products. But check this out! The library at Harvard University has 4 books that are bound in human skin.

I ain't reading those ever!
Look at a zebra carefully and determine whether it has black stripes on a white body, or white stripes on a black body! Well zebras are actually black with white stripes.

That made you look at the pic again, right?
Fake Smile
Ever thought how many people you meet everyday put up a fake smile in front of you? But wait! Actually, faking a smile can give you real happiness.

Now I know why everyone seems to be smiling today!
The most common time for people to wake up in the middle of the night is 3:44 am. There is no definite scientific explanation for this, but it might be related to the sleep cycles.

Hmmm, maybe that's the perfect time to meet up for a game of poker eh!
We believe that whiskey and rum can give us a real high. True. But the strongest beer in the world is even stronger than whiskey.

No wonder I love my beer.
Light Bulb
You're stuck with a problem you can't solve or get out of? Staring at an illuminated light bulb can improve your problem-solving ability.

Only thing, please don't hold one like she is doing!
Love your wine and beer? You know, there is more amount of alcohol in mouthwash as compared to wine and beer.

Ahhh, is this why you always seem drunk at night?
Talk of spending our lives productively! In an average lifespan, we spend around 25 years of our life sleeping.

Sounds like a crazy amount of time, but that ain't gonna make me sleep any less. Uh, huh!
Here's another one for the love gurus! Lions can mate more than 50 times a day.

These guys put even the rabbits to shame.
One Cent
Think before spending that penny. For each one cent coin, it costs the US Mint around 1.5 cents to make.

Uncle Sam, you got your calculations all wrong!
Las Vegas Casino
This is a place where the word 'recession' finds no takers. Everyday, people lose around $17 million in gambling in the casinos of Las Vegas.

Let this sink in, you're never gonna get rich gambling.
Mom always said, "go to sleep soon or the bogieman will come get you." It's kinda true. The later you sleep at night, the more chance you have of getting a nightmare.

From tonight am going to bed earlier, zzzz!
Public Washroom
Need to relieve yourself? Look around. In a public washroom, the closer someone is to you, the longer it will take you to relieve yourself.

Whassup bro!!!
If you are a cleanliness freak, you might want to know, kissing is more hygienic as compared to shaking hands.

Polar Bear
They say left-handed people are cleverer but have a shorter lifespan! Who knows? We know this though - all polar bears are left-handed.

So, never mess with teddy!
Think before you reprimand your kid or employee when you catch him or her daydreaming. It is believed that daydreamers are better at solving problems that are difficult.

Now you know why you always catch me daydreaming.
Lighter and Matchbox
You might think that the matchbox is ancient! But the fact is that, lighters were in use even before the matchbox was invented.

Why do I still see you rubbing those stones together?
Walking is good exercise. But did you know that a human being can survive up to two minutes in space without any protective gear.

Please do not try this at home :D
Working out to get those muscles pumped up? Nevertheless, the tongue is the strongest muscle in the human body and will always be.

Doesn't mean that you yap nonsense all day, ok!
Ever seen an elephant jump in joy? No! That's because elephants are the only animals in the world that cannot jump.

They can't jump, but can sure kick ass when required!
Black Mamba
Run for your life when you see one, because the Black Mamba is the fastest snake on land, at 7 mph!

What are you staring at? Run dude!
In the process of making your honeymoon plans? Destination? Did you know that Hawaii is the most-traveled honeymoon destination in the world?

I'd prefer a more secluded beach though. Well, that's just me!
Seen someone you kinda like? If you find someone attractive, you will most probably stare at that person for at least 8 seconds.

But don't overdo it and come across as a creep!
If you aren't a pro, then it would be better to remain quiet in North Carolina, because here, it is illegal to sing off-key.

No karaoke for me here!
Humans might not be the cleverest beings in the universe. Did you know that a leech has 32 brains?

Supercomputer or what?
Lunch Break
Talking about meeting deadlines and no time for a break! One in every 3 people in the US have lunch while working, for various reasons that is.

Am never gonna be one of those, I love my food.
India Post
Technology has made the world a smaller place in terms of connectivity. But think of old-fashioned postal services! The highest number of post offices in the world are in India.

Don't read between the lines. That doesn't mean we're guaranteeing lightning fast service.
You think your dog barks too much? Better than having one that doesn't, right? The Basenji is the only dog in the world that can't bark.

Woof! I mean, meoww!
Thailand Money
When visiting another country, it is important to know what is and what isn't legal there. In Thailand, it is illegal to step on money.

I wouldn't do that anywhere!
Those who complain more actually live longer, because by doing so, it releases tension and increases immunity.

Is that why you always come across as cranky?
Greeting Card
Maybe as time has gone by, the gesture of buying a card for a loved one has reduced. But, the fact remains that 9 out of 10 greeting cards sold are bought by women.

Where's mine!!!
Glass Bottle
Now think of a bottle, more specifically a glass bottle. You know, a bottle made of glass takes as much as 4,000 years to decompose.

See that wine bottle in my cellar? That existed even before Jesus!
Amazed! I bet you are. Though, I hope you enjoyed reading these overwhelming facts as much as I enjoyed writing about them. Here's one for the road - How big do you think your lung is? In terms of proportionate area as compared to other parts of the body, it may not be much. But the surface area of a human lung is equivalent to that of a tennis court. Game, set, match!