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Animated Movies that Make you Cry

Animated Movies that Make you Cry

For as long as I can remember, I've been an ardent admirer of animated movies. These films have been always associated with fun and happy memories, but there are a few that are considered as the epitome of sadness. I think the perfect time to watch these films is when you have been wearied down by the complexities of life, and want to let go. Crying with the following films can really lift an enormous amount of weight off your shoulders.
Kulbhushaan Raghuvanshi
Did You Know?
Vin Diesel was the voice of the giant robot in the movie 'The Iron Giant'.

The animated movie genre is just not for kids anymore. With time, these movies have evolved immensely, and now have a large fanbase which also includes adults and teens. In addition to the magnificent special effects, another aspect that makes these films special is the importance that they give to relationships.

Entertainism dedicates the following section to all the great tearjerkers in the world of animation, and just because these films have special effects, this doesn't make them any less than mainstream Hollywood. If you think Titanic and P.S. I Love You were emotional, try watching the following sad, animated movies, and you would be emptying tissue boxes like never before.

Regarded as a classic by the AFI (American Film Institute), Bambi is one of the best works of Disney. Even though it released in 1942, Bambi still holds a special place among movie lovers and critics. Critics call it the 'Crowning Moment for Disney Studios', and I call it a must-watch.
Crying Out Moment: When Bambi's mother is shot by the man. Sure, it was the moment that sets the whole story in motion, but the tragic death scene just hurts so much, that you just want to hug Bambi.

Toy Story 3
The first two parts were simply outstanding, and then came the final chapter in one of the most amazing film franchises. What started out as a joint venture between Disney and Pixar turned out to be a film trilogy that redefined animation. Also, Toy Story 3 is the only animated movie to touch the billion dollar mark.
Crying Out Moment: When Andy leaves all his toys with Bonnie. The heart-wrenching scene where he describes all his toys, and how they will always remain a huge part of his life. I am choking just writing about this.

The Iron Giant
If you are one of those people who strongly believe in the Man vs Machine hysteria, watching The Iron Giant might soften you a bit. A fantastic story of friendship between a giant alien robot and a nine-year-old boy, The Iron Giant is one of the best animated movies to ever hit the screen. Surprisingly, it was a financial failure, but was lauded by critics everywhere.
Crying Out Moment: The scene where the robot smiles and collides with the missile, and saves Rockwell city. The ending scene where various parts of the robot travel to reach the head, is also pretty awesome.

The Lion King
Another great movie by Disney, The Lion King is considered a benchmark in the world of animation. The plot was inspired by Hamlet, but the brilliance of the movie lies in the amazing father-son relationship shared by Mufasa and Simba.
Crying Out Moment: Simba watching Mufasa fall to his death, and then feels it is all his fault. The way he tries to wake up his father again and again is just sad. I just couldn't watch Simba crying.

The highly successful Pixar film, Up, is the perfect example of eternal love that knows no boundaries. The plot centers on an elderly widower named Carl, who ties up thousands of balloons to his house, and sets out to experience the wilderness of South America, and to complete a promise made to his deceased wife.
Crying Out Moment: Ellie's death is by far the saddest moment in the history of animation. Carl and Ellie love each other like crazy. After saving money for years, when Carl is finally able to take his dearly beloved on an adventure she always dreamed about, Ellie suffers a heart attack and dies. The ending scene where the house finally sits on Paradise Falls is simply brilliant.

Grave of the Fireflies
The name of this movie is synonymous to sadness. The plot is set during World War II, and focuses on Seita, a young boy who has to take care of his sister (Setsuko) when their mother and father both die. The tragic plot and animation show World War II from the Japanese point of view, and I bet this movie will make you realize the importance of your brothers and sisters.
Crying Out Moment: When Seita brings Setsuko food, but she's hallucinating, and slowly dies due to starvation. I also feel the ending scene of the movie is one of the most heart-breaking endings ever written.

The Fox and the Hound
What sets The Fox and the Hound apart from other Disney movies is the brilliant portrayal of life that even makes best friends into sworn enemies. The plot focuses on an unlikely friendship between a red fox (Tod) and a hound dog (Copper), and how their amazing friendship is affected by the lives that they live.
Crying Out Moment: When Tweed leaves Tod in the game preserve, as she fears for his safety. Also, the ending scene when Tod looks down at the homes of Copper and Tweed is very touching.

Mary and Max
I couldn't stop thinking about this film for days. The special relationship that two strangers who don't live in the same city share is explored in this beautiful movie. Mary and Max is a clay-based animated drama that has won praises from audiences and critics alike. I won't give out the details, just go and watch it.
Crying Out Moment: When Mary finally reaches America to meet Max, and discovers he has peacefully passed away. She puts back the letter 'M' to his typewriter, and realizes how much Max loved her.

In addition to these, I would also recommend The Land Before Time, When the Wind Blows, The Plague Dogs, Corpse Bride, and The Hunchback of Notre Dame. There may be certain names that are missing in this article, if you think they deserve a mention, do not hesitate to let us know via the comments section.