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Best English Comedy Movies

Best English Comedy Movies

If you are a big fan of funny movies then this article on English comedies will surely out a smile on your face. Here are the names of some funny English films which guarantee to tickle your funny bones and leave you with a smiling face.
Kulbhushaan Raghuvanshi
Who doesn't enjoy a hearty laugh? I think all of us do. In today's world where there is so much grief and sadness all around, I think everyone should laugh at least for sometime each day. There are many things that you can do to enjoy a hearty laugh but nothing beats the enjoyment of laughing that comes from watching a funny movie. Watching comedy movies is surely the best way to pass time on a lazy weekend. If you are a big fan of comedies, I suggest you start watching some English comedy movies. Like American comedies, they are also very well made and the entire experience is just super exciting.

Top English Comedy Movies

British comedies are known to be intelligent comedies and most people take some time to get the underlying humor. Yes, they do have a certain way of depicting funny instances but that's their movie making style. This doesn't make them less funny than American comedies. For people who want to get a taste of British comedy, here are some of the best English comedy movies.

The Ladykillers, 1955
The Ladykillers is dark, great and very English. The plot is about a group of anti social elements troubled by their innocent landlady pensioner. There are many reasons why you should watch this film but I'll give you the most famous; because of the old landlady played by Katie Johnson and secondly because of that adorable group of thugs.

Bend it Like Beckham, 2002
I was initially avoiding this flick because I thought this is going to be another Indian meets British love story but it is not about love at all. It is about realizing your dream and living life the funnier way. The plot focuses on a young Indian girl's ambition to play football for London. This struggle is accompanied by her mother's constant nagging to get married is the most funniest part of the film. Check out great performances by Parminder Nagra, Keira Knightley, Jonathan Ryhs Meyers and a friendly appearance by David himself.

The Return of the Pink Panther, 1975
The Return of the Pink Panther is something which comedy fan shouldn't miss. Its prequels are good too but this film is much more funnier just for one reason; Peter Sellers is Inspector Clouseau. Go and watch the movie and you'll see the brilliance of the man and his acting.

Notting Hill, 1999
One of the best romantic comedies I have come across, Notting Hill remains a personal favorite. The film is a love story between an actress (Julia Roberts) and a book shop owner (Hugh Grant) and their struggle to admit their feelings for each other. The film is backed by innocent instances which makes you fall in love with the movie. If you haven't watched, please do!

Snatch, 2000
Don't ask me why I like Snatch? May be it is the excellent direction of Guy Ritchie, may be its Jason Statham, may be it is the gangster thing, the language, may be its Brad Pitt or the profanity. Snatch is a complete entertainment and has developed a cult following during the years. It is one of the most successful films by Ritchie which shows his brilliance of mixing comedy with crime.

The Full Monty, 1997
A huge hit after its release, The Full Monty is a film that every funny movie buff should watch. A major part of the success is because of the brilliance of screenwriter Simon Beaufoy and director Peter Cattaneo. One of the best English comedies of all time, The Full Monty is all about a gang of unemployed steel workers. News Flash: The things that they do has nothing to do with steel but is very near to the business of striptease.

Bridget Jones's Diary, 2001
When you talk about British comedies, how can you not mention Bridget Jones Diary. It is one of those women centric films which even men love. It is about being single, managing your career and looking for Mr. Right at the same time. Bridget Jones Diary Stars Renée Zellweger, Hugh Grant and Colin Firth. One of the best British comedies till date.

Wild Target, 2010
One of the best comedies, Wild Target has a very attractive star cast and a funny plot. The story revolves around an assassin who wants to end his target but can't because he keeps getting interrupted by other assassins. The movie has gathered mixed reviews from the critics but the audiences love the film.

So these were some of the best British comedies which you can view when you get time. All of these movies guarantee wholesome fun and entertainment for you and your entire family.