Best Fantasy TV Series of All Time

If you are an idiot box worshiper and can spend hours watching those television series that take you away from the mundane reality of life, then you would like to know which the best fantasy series on television are. We give you the top picks according to us.
Reality can be dreary, to say the least. Get up, go to work, come back, go to sleep; maybe a get together with friends once in while, and maybe a movie night, but mostly our lives tend to get into a rut. Television generally serves as an escape, especially if you enjoy watching fantasy television series that allow you to live vicariously a life about alien life forms and worlds far away. These shows are a momentary escape from everything that we know. We give you a list of some of the most riveting fantasy series that have entertained viewers over the years.

Fantasy Shows You Should Watch

Making a pick of those shows that will top the list of must-watch fantasy television shows is no easy task. With so many great shows having been produced since the start of television, how do you choose the best? Well, the answer is generally subjective and it is difficult to come up with a list that will satisfy everyone's expectation from a fantasy show. We give you a list of all those television series that according to us, definitely were the best of the lot.

Best Fantasy TV Series Ever
Name of the ShowBroadcasting PeriodShow Synopsis
ALF1986 - 1990The show revolved around the adventures of an extraterrestrial being called ALF, short for Alien Life Form, who lives on earth with a middle class family in the US whose garage his ship crashes into.
Angel1999 - 2004A spin-off from the TV show Buffy, Angel revolved around the life of a vampire. After having committed mindless murders for more than a century, he is forced to face the remorse of his actions when his human soul is aroused. He starts a private detective agency to help the helpless in a supernatural manner.
Babylon 51993 - 1998Based in the period between 2257 and 2262, this television series was based in a space station known as the Babylon 5. The drama for the series rose from conflicts regarding politics and diplomacy.
Battlestar Galactica2004 - 2009After having been defeated in battle by an alien race known as Cylons, human beings inhabiting Twelve Colonies are forced to search for a fabled planet known as Earth, while traveling on a ship that survived the attack.
Being Human2011 - PresentThree roommates try and live a normal life. The twist lies in the fact that one of them is a vampire, one a werewolf, and the third, a ghost.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer1997 - 2003This show followed the life and adventures of the vampire slayer Buffy who is chosen to rid the earth of evil beings like vampires, demons, and other dark spiritual forces. She is guided in her endeavors by a Watcher and helped by her friends.
Dr. Who1963 - 1989An alien called Time Lord or the doctor, breaks the space-time continuum to save civilizations and fight enemies. His travels occur in a British police box from the 1950s, known as the TARDIS or the Time and Relative Dimension in Space.
Fringe2008 - PresentThe Fringe division of the FBI uses a non-traditional division of science and other techniques of investigation to figure out different unexplained occurrences that are generally related to happenings in a parallel universe.
Heroes2006 - 2010Ordinary people with extraordinary powers formed the basis of this show, which had short multi episodic stories that formed the basis of a bigger story angle. It also talked about how people who had been given these powers were dealing with this life changing transformation.
Knight Rider1982 - 1986What would you do if you had access to a brilliant car that was almost not destroyable, extremely intelligent and super advanced? Well, in this series it became the perfect companion to fight crime.
Kyle XY2006 - 2009Without any memory of who he was and lacking a belly button, Kyle tries to figure out who he is and why he remembers absolutely nothing about his life.
Lost2004 - 2010After a commercial jet crash lands on a tropical island in the South Pacific Ocean, the survivors try to escape the island but mysterious circumstances engulf them.
Mork and Mindy1978 - 1982Robin Williams starred as the adorable alien, Mork, who belongs to the planet Ork and lives on earth with Mindy, his friend whom he later marries. The series revolved around their adventures.
Smallville2001 - 2011Superman before he became the superhero was just Clark Kent in a tiny town called Smallville. Who was he in high school and his transformation into the superhero that he became was what the show focused on.
Star Trek1966 - 1969The original television series that chronicled the adventures of the crew of the USS Enterprise as they explored outer space sometime in the 23rd century to learn about new worlds.
Supernatural2005 - PresentTwo brothers, Sam and Dean Winchester, fight demons and other supernatural evil forces as they travel around the country.
Taken2002A Steven Spielberg production, Taken was a story of three families whose heirs were products of experiments done by alien beings. Allie Keys played by Dakota Fanning, being the final key to unravel the future.
The X-Files1993 - 2002The series followed two FBI agents who investigated those cases that were about phenomenon that could not be explained by earthly matters. Each episode took a deeper look at the belief and skepticism in both agents and also examined the relationship they shared with each other.
True Blood2008 - PresentBased on the novel of the same name, the series details the life of humans and vampires who coexist in the town of Bon Temps, in the state of Louisiana.
Twilight Zone1959 - 1964The original series featured 156 episodes each of which contained drama that dealt with psychological thrills, science fiction, suspense, horror, and ended with a twist that could never be predicted.

Fantasy shows are always fun to watch and now that you know which are the best of the lot, you can definitely plan a marathon fantasy fiction night, if you haven't seen all these shows. Escaping from the dreary realms of reality maybe exactly what you need and these shows serve the purpose.