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Richest Movie Stars

The richest movie stars in the world draw a pay check of many millions for every job they do. I guess all of you might be interested in knowing about these movie stars, so let's begin...
Entertainism Staff
Millions of people adore them, they wait in line to get their autographs and click pictures with them, their one smile can serve as a sweet memory for most die-hard fans. So who are they? They are global ambassadors of the entertainment world. Today Hollywood movie stars have reached a new pinnacle of stardom. The recent collaborations of film studios all over the world and the popularity of their films have made Hollywood actors worldwide icons. Today a successful movie star earns more than $20 million for every film he/she does, not taking into account all the endorsement deals and appearance fees. Most of these stars do many movies in a year and it doesn't matter what the fate of the movie is, they are bound to earn a hefty pay check.
Richest Hollywood Stars: Actors
This article does lists out the names of richest people in the world but these people are not CEO's or Managing Directors of a company or an organization. They are movies stars and they do a very simple job; entertaining people all around the world. It's said that bringing a smile to someone's face is the best job in the world and these people are proving it right in every sense. Here are some of the richest actors in Hollywood.
Will Smith
His career started from TV and music and today his movies give a guaranteed revenue of more than $100 million at the box office. Will Smith makes almost $90 million a year. He started his career from TV as a comic artist and bagged his first major role in 1996 blockbuster Independence Day. Today he is regarded as one of the best actors in Hollywood with his performance in The Pursuit of Happyness and Seven Pounds. Occasionally the 'Party Starter' also produces films for his kids, the most recent one being The Karate Kid.
Johnny Depp
It's very tough being Johnny Depp. Cameras follow you like crazy, people imitate everything you do. Even at the age of 47 you are considered as the 'World's Sexiest Man' by leading tabloids. Almost half the world knows the cute and funny Captain Jack Sparrow from the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. Johnny Depp brings home almost $87 million every year. This artistic personality started his career with TV and did lots of shady love stories. Then in 1990 he teamed up with Tim Burton and made the very successful Edward Scissorhands, a movie which established him as one of Hollywood's leading men.
Eddie Murphy
Dr. Dolittle currently earns $65 million every year. Murphy began his career as a stand up comedian at the age of 16 in New York impressing the crowd with his expressions and attitude towards life. He started his movie career in 1982 and went on to star in great films such as Beverly Hills Cops, Coming to America, Dr. Dolittle, Nutty Professor, Dream Girls and Shrek.
Leonardo DiCaprio
He's a personal favorite and he's always proved his mark as a great performer. The Titanic star had acting in his genes since childhood. Leonardo made his debut on TV and caught everyone's attention in the critically acclaimed film What's Eating Gilbert Grape. He became a sensation with Titanic and since then has been one of the highest paid move stars in Hollywood. Known to be extremely private about his personal and private life, Leo lets his acting speak. His recent movie Inception broke box office records all around the world and again proved his worth as a successful actor. Known to be extremely selective with his films and ladies, DiCaprio takes home almost $63 million every year.
Ben Stiller
No one can forget the innocent Ted Stroehmann in the 1998 super hit, There's Something About Mary. Ben Stiller has been given memorable performances since decades. He has also starred in the very funny Tropic Thunder, Meet the Parents, Night At the Museum and Madagascar. He earns more than $47 million every year and the funny man is also associated with various charities. Not many people know but Ben Stiller is the son of Jerry Stiller, who played the role of 'Frank Costanza' in Seinfeld.
Richest Hollywood Stars: Actresses
Julia Roberts
The original Pretty Woman has topped the list of highest paid actresses with earnings of more than $140 million till date. She has starred in some of the biggest grossing movies of all time which include; Pretty Woman, Notting Hill, Runaway Bride, Mona Lisa Smile, Eat, Pray and Love, etc. However, she's semi-retired now with a big family. All these years of hard work and dedication has finally paid of and now she's on the top of the mountain.
Jennifer Lopez
The original 'Latino Girl', Lopez has been in the hearts of men since many decades. She started her career in music and eventually landed up in Hollywood. Here she became a known sex symbol but she also proved to her critics that she's not just a pretty face, but also can act. She did some super successful films such as Rebirth, The Wedding Planner, Maid in Manhattan, Monster in Law. Today she's busy with her husband Marc Anthony and her two kids and you can catch this vivacious lady as a judge on American Idol which brought more than $20 million in her kitty. J. Lo's total earnings are well in excess of $130 million.
Jennifer Aniston
America's original sweetheart, Aniston has been a known face since she starred in the super successful sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S. The whole world had become crazy behind that killing smile and those beautiful eyes. This lady is a unique combination of beauty and brains and she's proved her acting skills with movies like The Break-Up, Bruce Almighty and A Good Girl. Almost every film she does crosses the $100 million mark which makes Aniston worth $110 million.
Sandra Bullock
Though she's been in the news for her high profile divorce, the original Miss Congeniality is one of the leading actresses in entertainment with $85 million in her bank. She also started her career with small minor roles and slowly rose to the top with her good looks and amazing acting abilities. Her most successful films include Miss Congeniality, Miss Congeniality 2, Two Weeks Notice and The Blind Side.
Cameron Diaz
So many years have passed, since Cameron showed on screen, but still she's been able to maintain that innocent look which make men go mad. She stands in this list with phenomenal wealth of $75 million. She spices up every role she does and she makes the entire surroundings look lively. Her most successful films include Charlie's Angels, The Mask, What Happens in Vegas and Vanilla Sky.
Richest Child Stars
You don't have to be an adult to make millions in the film industry. The following names are of young people who haven't even finished college yet but are earning millions through their movies, endorsement deals and public appearances. Here's a list of the richest child stars in the world.
Child Stars Net Worth
Daniel Radcliffe aka Harry Potter $30 million
Miley Cyrus aka Hannah Montana $25 million
Emma Watson aka Hermione Granger $16 million
Angus Turner Jones aka Jake Harper $1.5 million for every season of Two and a Half Men
Dakota Fanning aka Lucy Dawson $4 million
Abigail Breslin aka Olive Hoover $3million

So these were the names of some of the richest movie stars in Hollywood. Most people envy the life of these cash magnets but they often forget the amount of hard work they put in everything they do. So a humble advice for all you young dreamers; climbing the ladder of success with hard work is the safest and surest way to success.