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Biography of Christian Bale

Commitment and passion is what drives this actor to essay his roles rather intensely. Call him a Masked Crusader or a Cult figure, he is none other than Christian Bale. Let's discover more about him ...
Entertainism Staff
A professional performer since the age of ten, Christian Bale has focused his talent on creating an impressive body of work. Steering clear of the spotlight, he has taken up roles portraying historical figures and detached or loner characters.

Christian Bale is an English actor who is renowned in Hollywood for the dark roles he portrays in the American films. As an actor, he believes in giving his 100% every single time. Call him chameleon-like, Bale loves to get into the character he plays by changing his appearance as per his roles. Known for devoting an intense physical and mental commitment to the roles he essays, Bale has to his credit a number of unconventional yet critically acclaimed films.

Christian Bale is the seventh actor and the first non-American to portray the role of Batman/Bruce Wayne. Earning himself the label of a 'heartthrob' and a 'gifted actor', Christian Bale is no less a prodigy himself.

Here's a brief encounter with an extraordinary actor whose journey has certainly not been a 'cakewalk'. Presenting to you, Christian Bale ...

Behind the Mask
Christian Charles Philip Bale was born in Wales on January 30, 1974 to a commercial pilot and talent manager, David Bale and Jenny who was a circus performer. Born in a family with a history and flair for entertainment, Bale entered the entertainment industry early on in his life.

Kick-starting his career with a television commercial for Lenor, a fabric softener, in 1982 when he was just 8; Bale made his debut with comedian, Rowan Atkinson in the two-act comedy 'The Nerd'. Bale garnered public attention soon after he starred in Steven Spielberg's 'Empire of The Sun' in 1987; he was just 13 when he won his first ever award for Best Performance by a Juvenile Actor. New to the industry, Bale was baffled by the attention he was showered with; he even contemplated on giving up acting at this stage. With a bit of persuasion, Bale continued to pursue his talent, thus, emerging as an actor worth consideration.

His Unconventional Life
Christian Bale is the youngest in a family of four children; his older siblings are Erin Bale, Louise Bale and Sharon Bale. Being the son of a circus performer and a pilot, called for a lot of traveling and by the time he was 15, Bale estimates to have lived in 15 different places. Leading a life like that of a nomad, Bale has been raised in Oxfordshire, Portugal and Dorset.

Bale went to the Shiplake Church of England Primary School, followed by the Independent Dolphin School in Berkshire before graduating from Bournemouth School for Boys in Dorset. As a child, Bale was fond of ballet, guitar and rugby. His interest in acting was stimulated by his sister, Louise who forayed into the industry first. His father, David Bale propelled his son's acting by extending his support and offering to manage Bale's career. Christian Bale lives in Santa Monica, California with his wife Sibi, a.k.a. Sandra Blazic and his daughter, Emmeline. Bale prefers to keep his private life under wraps and hence, avoids revealing any information about his family.

Christian Bale ...

.. is an excellent horseman and an avid reader.
.. enjoys Ballet and Music.
.. auditioned for the RADA (Royal Academy of Dramatic Art), LAMDA (London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art), and the Central School of Speech and Drama when he was 20.
.. regrets not attending drama school to enhance his skill.
.. has a disdain for interviews.
.. is an ardent fan of video games.
.. cites Super Mario as his favorite.
.. is a 'One Woman Man'.
.. is an eldritch with accents.
.. is devoted to his pets.
.. is trained in dancing and martial arts.
.. has a fluent American accent.
.. avoids romantic movies.
.. prefers gritty roles.
.. supports the World Wildlife Fund and Greenpeace.

Hollywood Calling
"I'd love to remain a secret and still work, but I also want people to see the movies I'm in and get a higher profile because of that. I like to think that as long as you continue choosing diverse roles, you can avoid becoming predictable." ~ Christian Bale

ed in
As Year
The Dark Knight Rises Bruce Wayne/Batman 2012
The Flowers of War John Miller 2011
The Fighter Dicky Eklund 2010
Public Enemies Melvin Purvis 2009
Terminator Salvation John Connor 2009
The Dark Knight Bruce Wayne/Batman 2008
I'm Not There Jack/Pastor John 2007
3:10 to Yuma Dan Evans 2007
The Prestige Alfred Borden 2006
Rescue Dawn Dieter Dengler 2006
The New World John Rolfe 2005
Harsh Times Jim Luther Davis 2005
Batman Begins Bruce Wayne/Batman 2005
Howl's Moving Castle Howl (voice: English version) 2004
The Machinist Trevor Reznik 2004
Equilibrium John Preston 2002
Reign of Fire Quinn Abercromby 2002
Laurel Canyon Sam 2002
Captain Corelli's Mandolin Mandras 2001
Shaft Walter Wade, Jr. 2000
American Psycho Patrick Bateman 2000
Mary, Mother of Jesus (TV movie) Jesus of Nazareth 1999
A Midsummer Night's Dream Demetrius 1999
All the Little Animals Bobby Platt 1998
Velvet Goldmine Arthur Stuart 1998
Metroland Chris 1997
The Secret Agent Stevie 1996
The Portrait of a Lady Edward Rosier 1996
Pocahontas Thomas (voice) 1995
Little Women Laurie 1994
Royal Deceit Amled 1994
Swing Kids Thomas Berger 1993
Newsies Jack Kelly 1992
A Murder of Quality (TV movie) Tim Perkins 1991
Treasure Island (TV movie) Jim Hawkins 1990
Henry V Robin the Luggage-Boy 1989
Empire of the Sun Jim 'Jamie' Graham 1987
Mio in the Land of Faraway Jum-Jum/Benke 1987
Heart of the Country (TV mini-series) Ben Harris 1987
Anastasia: The Mystery of Anna (TV movie) Alexei 1986
The Dreamthief Rufus (Voice only) 1985

Critical Acclaim
Bale received critical acclaim for his role in the 'American Psycho', where he held on to his role with all his might and played the role of the dark-minded and disturbed Patrick Bateman. Taking on the role of Batman, Bale scaled new heights in his career. He won the MTV Movie Award as the best hero in 2006. Christian Bale's depiction of a former welterweight boxer in the movie 'The Fighter' won him a Golden Globe in the category of a supporting actor. Bale has also won an Oscar for the same movie.

Winning critical praise for most of his roles, Christian Bale has lived up to the cult image bestowed upon him. As of now, let's wait for the next big release of this cult figure.