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Ghost Adventures on the Travel Channel

Awesome Information About Ghost Adventures on the Travel Channel

The television show, Ghost Adventures is rising in popularity due to its interesting locations and the guys' extreme tactics.
Entertainism Staff
Ghost Adventures, a paranormal, documentary-style reality television show on the Travel Channel, is hugely popular. Perhaps this is because of the history the sites they visit contain, or perhaps it is because people are sincerely interested in ghost sightings. Either way, millions of viewers tune in to watch the show every week. The ghost hunters, Zak, Nick, and Aaron, visit a new location each episode, and there's never any telling what they'll find there.

The Characters

The ghost hunter team of Ghost Adventures is made up of three men: Zak Bagans, Nick Groff, and Aaron Goodwin. Zak is the host of the show, with the most camera time. He is also the leader of the team. Zak is known for his extreme measures when it comes to ghost hunting. He is not afraid to yell at ghosts or provoke them into violence. These techniques have been doubted by some of his counterparts, but his antics do make good television. Nick is a co-host and co-investigator. He is usually behind the camera when the guys interview residents or owners of the various historical sites, but he does do a significant amount of the investigating. Aaron is the camera tech. He takes care of any technical issues that may arise during an investigation, and sets up the cameras in various locations to film while the team investigates. He also participates in the investigations.

The Premise

The basic idea behind Ghost Adventures is that the team is charged with finding ghosts in various, reportedly haunted locations. Their goal is not to get rid of the ghosts, but to prove that they are there. To do this, the team uses several different techniques. The first is talking and listening. The guys start talking and asking questions of the spirits that are present, and listen for any audible noises that might be caused by those spirits moving around. Sometimes, though, just listening isn't enough, which brings on their second technique: scientific devices. During EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) sessions, the guys will usually have a recorder with them that records any voices not audible to the human ear. They also sometimes use very high-tech devices such as a thermal camera to record any changes in temperature the ghosts might cause, or what they call a "spirit box" that produces white noise, allowing the ghosts to channel that noise into words. All of this, plus what is seen on the cameras, works together to make up the proof that the audience needs to believe (or not believe) that ghosts exist.

The Appeal

Part of the appeal of the show is that the guys travel all around the world to many different locations, all rich with interesting history. The first part of each episode is usually devoted to finding out the story behind the place they are visiting and why it people believe it to be haunted. Another reason why the show is so popular is because of the explosion of ghost hunting teams across the nation. Ghost hunting has become a serious hobby for many people. This could be because they have experienced a paranormal encounter, or because they are just interested in finding ghosts. Either way, many people have taken on ghost hunting as a weekend activity. Because of this, people watch shows like Ghost Adventures to see how it's done, get ideas for new gadgets and techniques, or just because it is fun to watch. Others might enjoy watching the show because they believe in ghosts, or because they don't believe in ghosts and they want to try to disprove what the guys see. No matter what the reason, it seems that the Ghost Adventures audience gets bigger every week.