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How to Win Beauty Pageant Talent Routine: 7 Ways to Woo the Judges

How to Win Beauty Pageant Talent Routine
With so many beauty pageants going all round the year, the talent show hardly surprises the judges anymore. What you, as a contestant, need is that special something that you're comfortable with, while showing off your best qualities.
Mrunal Belvalkar
Last Updated: Mar 19, 2018
Beauty Pageant - every girl wants to be a winner! But it is very important to stand out from the crowd to catch the judge's eye - apart from being pretty of course! Along with the usual routines, almost every beauty pageant has something called the Talent routine. Talent routines in beauty pageants give the contestants a chance to exhibit their talents which have possibly not been discovered previously in the pageant. Thinking from the point of view of the contestants though, beauty pageant talent routine is the one chance where you get to be you, get to showcase the best in you, and leave the judges and the audience awestruck. It is the one chance to completely change the outcome of the pageant and turn things over, to make your mark and compel the judges to rethink about their decision! Find out here about different talent ideas to woo the judges and win them over!
7 Unusual Beauty Pageant Talent Ideas
Dance, singing, playing a musical instrument - these are some of the most common beauty pageant talent ideas. But add an interesting twist to these acts, and they could turn the picture over and make it far more interesting than it would have been otherwise. Enlisted and explained below are some unusual, unconventional beauty pageant talent ideas.
Mime act makeup
Everybody can dance, but only the most sensitive and most expressive of persons can pull off a mime. Miming takes a lot of talent and self control. A well prepared and choreographed mime-act has the power to make even the toughest of persons shed a few tears. A miming act can be a nice change from the typical ballet, classical or street dance performances that most other contestants are bound to put up.
It Showcases: Your sensitive side, your ability to express emotions, how well you can 'dance with your face'.
Stand-up Comedy
Female comedian
Whoever said humor is a male gene? You can pull it off too! A few of the most essential qualities a stand-up comedian needs to possess are frankness, sportsmanship and a keen observation. Stand-up comedy would be a great way to release the tension in the auditorium and give everybody a breather and a good laugh! Stand-up comedy is not something many girls will attempt, so it is bound to make you stand out.
It Showcases: Your sense of humor, your sporting attitude, your ready wit.
Gymnast or Acrobat
Gymnast girl doing splits in air
A wonderfully choreographed gymnastic or acrobatic performance could be just the thing to surprise everybody with a pleasant shock! Gymnastics are an absolute treat to watch. I do not know of a person who has seen an acrobatic or gymnastic performance and NOT wished to be able to do at least half the things the acrobat/gymnast does! You are sure to win everyone's envy - and hearts too.
It Showcases: Your above average motor coordination, your agility, your amazing balancing abilities.
Sand art
Many can sketch, paint and draw - but how many people you know can draw with a pen/pencil held between their teeth? How many people you know can paint with their toes? How many people you know can make sand come to life and create a masterpiece by just throwing it around? You could be one of them! It sure will take quite a lot of practice and patience, but the rewards are truly satisfying.
It Showcases: Your out-of-the-box thinking, your ability to take something ordinary and make it extra-ordinary.
Music with a Twist
Girl sings on stage
Many may sing, but there will be only a few who can sing a song from a foreign language. There are fewer still, who can whistle an entire song, and there may be fewer still, who can sing a song backwards, pronouncing all the words backwards! Everyone can - or everyone likes to THINK they can sing. But you can add your own unique twist to singing and turn an ordinary vocal performance into an experience.
It Showcases: Your innovative mind, your amazing control over your voice and your vocal skills.
Its Magic!
Woman magician
Magic - something that always manages to bedazzle! With a little bit of practice, you may as well produce a $100 dollar bill from one of the judges hair, or discover a dove under the other judge's chair! Magic is all about making people believe in something that isn't really there.
It Showcases: Your beyond average dexterity, your ability to captivate people.
Girl doing karate
Yes, I borrowed this idea from the movie Miss Congeniality, I admit! But it is seriously cool! Honestly. Besides, it is so important for a girl to be able to defend herself when times call for it. You can be the one to convince all the girls it isn't so difficult to deal with a 6 feet tall guy, even if you weigh only 100 pounds. Trust me, they are gonna thank you for sharing this information.
It Showcases: Your presence of mind, your strength - emotional, as well as physical, your ability to deal with challenging situations.
You can never get enough ideas and tips about how to compete in a beauty pageant, because no matter how much you prepare, the actual day is bound to make you nervous! But I do hope I have been able to take care of at least a couple of things for you! Beauty pageant talent is one sure shot routine where you can win over the judges. It presents with the perfect opportunity to prove you are not 'all-style-no-substance', that you are not just another pretty looking doll! It lets you show everyone that you are bold and beautiful, beauty with brains! Make sure you dazzle the judges with the above ideas. Go girl!