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Great Dance Movies

Great Dance Movies

It's time to kick up your heels and whirl with some great dance movies that have set the stage aflame with their mind-blowing dance sequences and high-spirited cast. Boogie down!
Veethi Telang
The dance fraternity of movies is right here at your fingertips! For those who think dancing is child's play, I have a compilation of some of the greatest dance flicks which would not only prove them wrong, but will also instigate within them a feeling to dance. These movies are based on different styles of dancing such as hip-hop, street dancing, ballet, salsa, etc. With cultures across the world having their own styles and patterns of dancing, it is Hollywood that reigns over all. Although, the list of dance movies is endless, here is a description of those movies which are watchable infinite times. Unarguably, the dance moves and sequences shown in these flicks are bound to make you drop your jaw in awe. Oh! That just rhymed!
So, which is your favorite dance movie? Step Up series? Dirty Dancing? Center Stage? An excuse for dancing aficionados, and an opportunity for newbies, the following segment puts forth countless reasons for you to watch these movies over and over, and never get bored. Come on, who gets bored of dancing?
Best Dance Movies of All Time
Here are some of the greatest flicks having dance as their theme, with a brief description for you to tap your feet and move your body like the dancers in them do:
Name Year Description
Step Up 2006 Channing Tatum took my heart away and how! It is not astonishing to see Step Up top the charts of best dance movies which are there to stay. With the psychedelic performances by both Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan, Step Up would make you want to dance with its cast. It's a crime if you miss the dance sequence shot in a club in the movie!
Step Up 2: The Streets 2008 The story is somewhat mundane, but it's no way a miss! The dance sequence shot in the rain will compensate for everything. Starring Briana Evigan and Robert Hoffman, there is some terrific dancing on the streets. Did you know that post the release and success of Step Up 2, many dance institutions introduced training and coaching on street dance moves for beginners? For aficionados of hip hop dancing, Step Up 2 has a cluster of the best hip hop songs which are the soul of nightclubs all over the world.
Step Up 3D 2010 Seems like the Step Up series is growing over people! Step Up 3D is the third of the lot, and indeed, the best one because of the 'third dimension' given to the movie. Watch it in 3D and you'll experience some crazy leg moves passing over your head, some hand moves crossing you over, and some cool dance moves and sequences never seen before. This flick stars Adam G. Sevani, Rick Malambri, and Sharni Vinson, who have looked immensely graceful on screen! With this 3D experience, the Step Up series has made its place among the best hip hop dance movies of all times, and ranks among top dance movies of all time.
Center Stage 2: Turn it Up 2008 With the world going ga-ga over hip hop dancing, Center Stage: Turn it Up is a movie about ballet dancing in which actor Rachele Brooke Smith auditions for the American Ballet Academy, but fails to get through. It is then that she teams up with a former hockey player, and works upon her dancing skills. It is an official sequel to the 2000 dance film Center Stage. However, the storyline of Center Stage 2 does not carry forward the original plot, and is an all new experience of ballet dancing.
Stomp The Yard 2007 Fans of Ne-Yo love this movie! This was a stupendous grosser at the box-office, solely because of its amazing dance acts. Starring Columbus Short, Ne-Yo, Chris Brown, and Meagan Good, the plot of this movie is about the fraternity of DJ which competes with their rival fraternities in a number of street dance competitions. Another bliss for street dance fans!
Shall We Dance 2004 For dance lovers who are looking for something more than just dancing in a movie, Shall We Dance is the best pick. A rom-com starring none other than Richard Gere and Jennifer Lopez, this movie becomes interesting when Gere meets Lopez in a ballroom, and they dance together. It's amazing to watch an actor like Richard Gere match steps with the heart-throb Jennifer Lopez.
Dance With Me 1998 Time for some Salsa! If you are keen about Latin dance, this movie can bring a smile on your face with its terrific salsa dance moves and sequences. Featuring Vanessa L Williams and Cheyenne, this movie has one of the best footwork ever captured in a movie based on dancing. My favorite scene is the final ballroom dance competition which is a stress-buster from the plot that looks dragged. Tap 2 3 4 to the beat as this one will surely inspire you to register for salsa training!
Dirty Dancing 1987 If I tell you that the best chemistry in dancing ever displayed on the silver screen was between the two actors who couldn't even stand each other on sets, would you believe it? You ought to, because Dirty Dancing stars Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze have created magic throughout the movie, especially in the last dance sequence which was heart-throbbing. In the movie, Grey falls in love with a dance instructor portrayed by Swayze. This guilty delight is a must-watch if you're looking for some 80s dance moves.

Described above are the most preferred by me. However, there are countless flicks based on dance which turn the heat up a notch by their phenomenal dance sequences. Here is a short list of dance movies which are based on different styles of dancing:
  • Make it Happen (2008)
  • How She Move (2007)
  • Take the Lead (2005)
  • Mad Hot Ballroom (2005)
  • You Got Served (2004)
  • Honey (2004)
  • Footloose (1984)
  • Saturday Night Fever (1977)

It is pretty hard to focus on eating your popcorn while watching these phenomenally films because not even a single dance move in the ones mentioned above is worth a miss. So, call your friends, watch these movies, dance along, and have a bash!