Western Movies 2010

Western Movies 2010

This Buzzle article has a list of few Western movies 2010, that the people of Hollywood yet go ga-ga over. Add them to your western movie collection and enjoy. Here we go...
In the olden days, Hollywood had majority of the movies as western-themed. The history of the West has become a remarkable characteristic of America since then. The West simply gives us an image of the wilderness in our minds, and in turn, we learn how impressive and outstanding the western movies are. The quintessential heroes, their style and dialogs with all the cowboy attributes, is admirable. So voila! For all of you who would love to go back in time to the western era and spend your evenings coiled up on a couch, watching the best western movies of 2010, this list provided below will definitely come to your aid. You may not be able to decide whether the movie is good or bad, unless you watch it.

Top 6 Western Movie Releases in 2010

Following are the top six movies that released/will release this year and you could rent them in the form of a DVD/CD and enjoy watching them as a pastime.

1. Bunraku
Bunraku is a movie directed by Guy Moshe, which has live action/animation martial arts, with a stylish Hollywood dramatic scene revolving around a 'Man with No Name' known as 'The Drifter'. This movie has a concept which mixes canting reality with shadow-show fantasy. The picture of Bunraku is presented in the past, present, reality, fantasy, Samurai and Western themes, all in one. The story of this movie is revitalized and gives us a fresh outlook to perceive the world.

Movie NameCastRelease Date
BunrakuJosh Harnett, Demi Moore, Woody Harrelson, Ron Perlman, Kevin McKidd2010

2. 6 Guns
6 Guns is a 2010 western movie directed by Shane Van Dyke. This movie focuses on a young girl who gets trained as a gunfighter by a bounty hunter, so that she could take revenge on the men who gunned down her family in cold blood. This is one of the movies (2010) which has no John Wayne or Clint Eastwood as the starring cast, but the story is still catchy.

Movie NameCastRelease Date
6 GunsGreg Evigan, Barry Van Dyke, Shane Van Dyke, Sage MearsMarch 6, 2010

3. Gunless
This is one of the movies (2010) which is a Canadian release, directed by William Phillips and is a western comedy film. The concept of the story is, a Montana Kid arrives into a town and in no time, gets into a conflict with a local blacksmith. They challenge each other for an old-fashioned gunfight and soon the kid discovers that, except for a local woman, nobody in the town owns a pistol. You could imagine how the rest plays out. Sounds fun!

Movie NameCastRelease Date
GunlessPaul Gross, Sienna Guillory, Dustin MilliganApril 30, 2010

4. American Bandits: Frank and Jesse James
This is one of the few movies where Fred Olen Ray, the director of this movie, watched The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford released in the year 2007 and therefore decided to make his own James-based film thereafter. The story, in this movie, shows the Civil War and the two boys, Frank and Jesse James, with their accomplices, attempting to rob a stagecoach who is carrying the Union Army's payroll. The entire story is in the form of a plot and is well portrayed. If you are of a mysterious personality, you might like to catch up on this film.

Movie NameCastRelease Date
American Bandits: Frank and Jesse JamesPeter Fonda, Jeffrey Combs, Tim Abell, George Stults, Anthony Tyler QuinnMay 18, 2010

5. Jonah Hex
This western movie comes under the Warner Bros, directed by Jimmy Hayward, and is based on the American post-Civil War and DC Comics characters of the same. During the American Civil War, the character Jonah Hex fights taking Confederacy's side until he betrays his commanding officer to save a hospital and kills Turnbell's (the antagonist) son in the action. The movie sounds quite heavy to watch! Phew!

Movie NameCastRelease Date
Jonah HexJosh Brolin, John Malkovich, Megan foxJune 18, 2010

6. True Grit
True Grit is an adaptation of a 1968 novel, which was written by Charles Portis. This movie revolves around a 14-year old girl, Mattie Ross, who strikes back on a drifter named Tom Chaney because he killed her father. This little girl persuades a marshal named Rooster Cogburn to join her in chasing down her enemy.

Movie NameCastRelease Date
True GritJeff Bridges, Matt Damon, Josh Brolin, Hailee Steinfeld, Barry Pepper December 25, 2010

Watching western movies apart from regular Hollywood action movies, is a lot of fun. You get to see all the old stars, with their typical styles of acting. These classicmovies always had men on horses locking horns with goons and gamblers or having a gunfight between the natives and the civilians. You also get a glimpse of deserted towns with dust blowing in the air, or men with cowboy hats skewing sideways and chewing tobacco in their mouth. All these pictures, pull us back to the early times and give us a face to the wild, wild west. So while you chew some carbs and have really got nothing much to do, rent DVD's and grab these releases over this weekend. Have a nice time!