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How to Get Sundance Film Festival Tickets

How to Get Sundance Film Festival Tickets
The Sundance Film Festival is an annual cinematic gala that is billed as one of the hippest festivals on the entertainment circuit. To know about how to snag tickets to this snazzy event, read this Entertainism article.
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Speaking of early birds ...
Early registration helps you nail festival passes and ticket packages, which allow you to attend several screenings, festival parties, and the awards night as well.

Purchasing tickets for the Sundance Film Festival can get a bit complicated, particularly if you're looking to get in as late as January. The festival this year is scheduled from January 16th to 26th. Needless to say, that getting your hands on festival passes can only be left to luck, but you do have the option of landing some Individual Tickets.
Booking Individual Tickets
  • Individual tickets allow you to attend a single screening.
  • The ticket costs USD 20.
  • This year, no prior registration is necessary to book individual tickets.
  • There are 3 categories of tickets―Open Tickets, Day of Show Tickets, and Waitlist Tickets.
How to Book Open Tickets
Online booking
  • Tickets will be available until 36 hours before the commencement of the particular show.
  • Please be responsible, and pick up your tickets well in time. For the early morning shows, it is recommended that you collect them latest by the previous evening.
Manual booking
You may also purchase tickets by visiting any of the box office locations (link given above) latest by 2 hours before the show commences.
How to Book Day of Show Tickets
  • Every morning, from January 16th to 26th, the Main Box Offices in Park City and Salt Lake City have a certain number of tickets on sale, for the screenings of the day.
  • You need to visit these venues in person and make your purchase; there is no online provision to book them.
  • If you're planning to buy a ticket for the early morning screening, you need to visit the Main Box Office venues at 8 a.m. on the previous day.
How to Book Waitlist Tickets
  • The eWaitlist system enables fans to reserve a line position over the Internet, thus eliminating the prospect of waiting in long lines to receive a waitlist number. This provision also allows festival goers to view and manage their account, and gauge their chances of admittance to the event. The service is available from January 16th to 26th.
  • The first step is to make an online registration. If you do not have access to the Internet, you may register at the self-serve kiosks at the venues.
  • Two hours before the scheduled time for the film of your choice, the eWaitlist will open, and you will be eligible to check-in for a waitlist number. If you check-in early, you'll find a countdown clock on the page, indicating when exactly to check-in. You'll only be allowed to waitlist for one screening per two-hour window.
  • Once you check-in, you will be allotted an eWaitlist number. You will find it under the "My Waitlist" heading in your account.
  • Ensure that you arrive at the theater of your eWaitlist screening latest by 30 minutes prior to the scheduled screening time. An on-site volunteer will check your eWaitlist number presented on your mobile device, and queue in your number position.
  • If you do not have a mobile device, but have an eWaitlist number you received from a computer, present a valid photo ID to the volunteer. They are in possession of the complete list of eWaitlist registrants and eWaitlist numbers.
  • In case you arrive at the theater after 30 minutes before the scheduled screening time, you will be asked to join at the end of the line, irrespective of your eWaitlist number.
  • Waitlist tickets are sold strictly on the basis of availability. Each ticket costs USD 15, and you are permitted to only pay cash. Credit or debit cards are not accepted.
Points to Note
  • Ticket packages and festival passes are made available on registration. The procedure begins as early as September of the previous year.
  • Students, and particularly those from Utah can avail tickets and passes at lowered rates. Those wishing to volunteer for the festival can also register on the website to gain this unique opportunity.
  • Utah locals also have the privilege of gaining special access to the festival at lowered rates.
The Sundance Film Festival is among the most iconic indie film events of our times. To be able to attend it is a fabulous opportunity for all film lovers. So, go ahead and grab those tickets before they disappear.