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Tips for Finding the Best Modeling Agency

Tips for Finding the Best Modeling Agency

A modeling agency plays a crucial role in a model's career. You will find all sorts of such agencies in the city, finding it difficult to differentiate between the legitimate and the non-legitimate ones. To save you from the dilemma, this Buzzle article will give you some helpful tips for finding the best modeling agency, that can give you the platform you need.
Shalu Bhatti
Important Tip
Never go for a modeling agency that claims to give you instant work, or that charges you for signing up. A legitimate company will enroll and train a model for free.
While most of us would love to be 'discovered' by the important players of this industry―as was the case with many iconic models such as Kate Moss, Julia Stegner, Naomi Campbell, Natalia Vodianova and Claudia Schiffer―and transform our lives overnight, it is important to be practical―you don't see a fairytale every now and then, do you?

Although an ephemeral career choice, we bet every girl has dreamed of becoming a model, walking on the ramp in a svelte manner, wearing the best of everything. Be it a girl or a guy, if you have the looks, body, attitude, and passion for this career, sky is the limit. However, struggle happens to be a part and parcel of the initial stage of every career, and modeling is no exception. But fret not, there are many ways through which you can get in touch with the top modeling agencies in the industry, and the following section will take you through these.

Finding the Best Modeling Agency

1. Set Your Priorities Straight
If luck is in your favor, this field can give you immense opportunities worldwide. Therefore, before you dive into the pool, be clear of how far you'd like the waves to take you. Are you aiming for top-notch destinations such as Milan, New York, and Paris, and willing to move; or, are you looking for an agency more domestic? Be clear of your goal; that would be the first step in determining your approach.

2. Know the 'Daddys' of the Business
With a tool as powerful as the internet, it is impossible to be unaware of the names that have ruled the modeling world, and given it the legends that have become an icon for many aspiring models. Kate Moss was discovered by Sarah Doukas, founder of Storm Model Management, Natalia Vodianova had signed up with VIVA Model Management. Other renowned model agencies include Elite Model Management―that represented Cindy Crawford, NEXT Model Management, Ford Models, and Marilyn Agency.

3. Give Yourself an Honest Evaluation
As much as you'd love to follow the footsteps of your icon, Kate Moss perhaps, it is important to 'honestly' evaluate yourself beforehand. You see, everyone is blessed with a different body, structure, features, and the like. When you visit the official websites of some big modeling agencies, you will get an idea of the kind of models they represent. While some would prefer more curvaceous bodies, others would like their models to be comparatively thinner. Browsing through their websites would give you an idea if the company is meant for you or not. Being aware of the strengths and weaknesses of your appearance would be beneficial.

4. Upload Your Images on their Website
The good news is that all these big names have a special feature which―in some websites―has been defined as Be Discovered. Here, elaborate guidelines are given in order to upload your natural-looking image (most agencies don't ask for professional shots) directly to the website. The kind of shots, file size, and other directions are easily given by these modeling agencies themselves, and there is no charge for all this. We think this is the best way to get in touch with the agency, without any middlemen. However, because there is a lot of competition in the business, there are possible chances of rejection, which needs to be taken positively.

5. Beware of the Donkey in the Lion's Skin
Only if things were like that of a fairytale. Where the bad guy was 'obviously' the bad guy and the sweet guy was genuinely helpful. But we live in the real world where not all that glitters is gold. There are many so-called-modeling agencies that take new aspirants for a roller coaster ride. If your agent tells you to pay a hefty sum to sign up with them, or to train you, or to click your shots, consider that to be an alarming sign. Legitimate modeling agencies will 'never' do this. Their way to earn through you is to earn commission―which is usually between 20% to 25%―from the work they find for you.

6. Check their Credibility
There are many websites that provide helpful reviews of the said agency. Just visit the website called the Better Business Bureau, that not only helps you find a modeling agency in your city, but also lets you know of its reviews and accreditation. Pay a close attention to the customer complaints section. An online search of the company in question will give you an approximate idea of its credibility, thereby helping you decide if you should be associated with it or not.

If the process of finding a good modeling agency seems like a daunting task, remember that being associated with one, can skyrocket your career, and make you from a nobody to that somebody. Take the example of Natalia Vodianova. There was a time when she use to sell fruits on the street with her mother, and when she joined a modeling agency, she ended up becoming one of the most successful models in history. We all have to go through our set of trials and tribulations, but perseverance is the key to success―as much clichéd as it sounds, it remains to be the ultimate truth!