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List of James Bond Movies

The movies featuring James Bond are almost a franchise. This article gives you the complete list of James Bond movies. We also highlight how the movies have transitioned through the years.
Entertainism Staff
Last Updated: Sep 25, 2017
Did You Know?
Adele won an award at the 85th Academy Awards for singing the title sequence of Skyfall. Others nominated for the Academy Awards included Paul McCartney's Live and Let Die and Sheena Easton's For Your Eyes Only.
The James Bond franchise is the 3rd largest grosser in the history of cinema. The movies under this franchise became synonymous with their style, gadgets, cars, and womanizing. There has been a growth and transition from the old movies to the new ones. This article will list the movies and also explain how the movies have changed over time.
Through the advent of the Internet, people nowadays are well aware of the technological advances taking place. This was not the case 40 years ago, when if an outlandish gadget was shown and through special effects made believable, people were impressed. That is how the movies got a following in the 60s and 70s. Ring cameras, a Rolex submariner used as a saw, jet packs, and a car that turns into a submarine more than caught the people's attention. Soon the gadgets became an integral part of the Bond arsenal, and hence, the movies. People did complain of the overuse of gadgets, and hence, it was toned down later. The most drastic transition came when the latest Bond is portrayed as a technophobe.
The first few Bond movies were released when the Cold War was at its highest point. So, the villains were mostly Soviet citizens. This changed with time as the criminal mastermind became stateless, although first giving us the impression that he belongs to a renegade nation. This was aptly portrayed in The World is Not Enough. The latest themes also depict stateless criminals, although they are shown to be terrorists with an agenda for damaging the world on a much larger scale using methods people are aware of nowadays.
Movie List
  • The first five movies featured Sean Connery, and people still believe he has done the most book-appropriate portrayal of James Bond.
  • The I-do-not-care attitude, suaveness, and dripping self-confidence shown by Connery is almost unmatched.
  • He wore a toupee to cover his baldness in all the Bond movies he was featured in.
  • He did reprise his role in Diamonds Are Forever, but age kicked in and the studio looked for a fresher face.
  • For his return to play the role of Bond in Diamonds Are Forever, he was reportedly paid a huge sum; the money was donated to a Scottish charity.
Dr. No
  • Movie Director :Terence Young
  • Release Date :October 5, 1962 (London)
  • Starring: Ursula Andress (as Bond girl)
  • Joseph Wiseman (Dr. No) (as Bond villain)
Synopsis: James Bond goes to the West Indies to investigate the death of his predecessor. He runs into his CIA counterpart, and together they investigate into the matter. They come across a villain named Dr. No who is plotting with the organization named SPECTRE to destroy USA. Bond has to race against time to prevent this and stop Dr. No.
From Russia With Love
  • Movie  Director :Terence Young
  • Release Date :October 11, 1963 (UK)
  • Starring: Eunice Gayson, Daniela Bianchi (as Bond girl)
  • Robert Shaw (Red Grant) (as Bond villain)
Synopsis: Bond travels to Istanbul to retrieve a cryptography machine that holds sensitive information about the Soviets. Little does he know that it is a trap by the evil organization SPECTRE that is looking for revenge for the death of Dr. No.
  • Movie Director: Guy Hamilton
  • Release Date: September 17, 1964 (UK)
  • Starring: Shirley Eaton, Honor Blackman (as Bond girl)
  • Gert Fröbe (Goldfinger) (as Bond villain)
Synopsis: Goldfinger, an international criminal with a liking for all things gold, plots to loot Fort Knox, thereby collapsing the world economy. James Bond has to use his fighting and seduction skills to foil the plan and bring Goldfinger to justice.
  • Movie Director : Terence Young
  • Release Date : December 22, 1965 (USA)
  • Starring: Claudine Auger (as Bond girl)
  • Adolfo Celi (Emilio Largo) (as Bond villain)
Synopsis: A notorious criminal organization this time hijacks a British bomber that was carrying two atomic warheads. MI5 dispatches all its 00 agents to retrieve them. Bond's investigation leads him to the Bahamas, where with his friend and CIA agent Felix Leiter, they try to save the world from a nuclear catastrophe.
You Only Live Twice
  • Movie Director : Lewis Gilbert
  • Release Date : June 13, 1967 (UK)
  • Starring : Karin Dor (as Bond girl)
  • Donald Pleasence (Blofeld) (as Bond villain)
Synopsis: An American spacecraft is space jacked by an alleged Soviet spacecraft. When world peace is then threatened by war, James Bond traces the spacecraft to Japan, where the criminal mastermind, Ernst Blofeld, is hiding it in his lair. Bond with the help of a secret Ninja force attempts to thwart Blofeld and SPECTRE's plans.
Diamonds Are Forever
  • Movie Director : Guy Hamilton
  • Release Date : December 14, 1971 (Germany)
  • Starring: Jill St. John (as Bond girl)
  • Charles Gray (Blofeld) (as Bond villain)
Synopsis: James Bond is called in to investigate an irregular diamond smuggling ring. Bond, after investigating, realizes that the smuggling is just the top layer under which a very sinister plot is planned by none other than Ernst Blofeld.
  • In 1969, George Lazenby starred in On Her Majesty's Secret Service, which although was a good movie, did not go too well with the audiences, as they wanted Sean Connery in the lead again.
  • Before being cast for the role (in 1968), he appeared only in TV commercials and did a bit part in a Italian-made spoof on Bond.
  • He quit the franchise citing that the contract was too "demanding" on him.
On Her Majesty's Secret Service
  • Movie Director : Peter R. Hunt
  • Release Date : December 18, 1969 (USA)
  • Starring : Diana Rigg (as Bond girl)
  • Telly Savalas (Blofeld) (as Bond villain)
Synopsis: Bond is still on the hunt for Ernst Blofeld, the evil head of SPECTRE. With the help of Tracy Draco (Diana Rigg), he trails Blofeld to Switzerland, where he finds that Blofeld is indulging in biochemical experiments.
  • Roger Moore was selected to play the role after Sean Connery.
  • He did play the role convincingly, and people did accept him.
  • He went on to do 7 movies as Bond.
  • He was the oldest actor, aged 45 years, to make his entry as Bond in the movie Live and Let Die.
  • He was aged 57 while doing his last as Bond movie A View to a Kill.
Live And Let Die
  • Movie Director : Guy Hamilton 
  • Release Date : June 27, 1973 (USA)
  • Starring : Jane Seymour (as Bond girl)
  • Yaphet Kotto (Mr. Big) (as Bond villain)
Synopsis: Bond is sent to New Orleans where there have been deaths of three MI6 agents. Bond finds out that they were investigating a man named Kananga. He finds out that Kananga or "Mr. Big" is a drug lord, freely distributing heroin, thus, making scores of people addicts. Bond plans to stop Kananga and his well-protected operation.
The Man with the Golden Gun
  • Movie Director : Guy Hamilton
  • Release Date : December 20, 1974 (USA)
  • Starring : Britt Ekland, Maud Adams (as Bond girl)
  • Christopher Lee (Scaramanga) (as Bond villain)
Synopsis: A golden bullet with 007 inscribed on it arrives in the MI6 headquarters. 'M' sends bond to investigate and protect a scientist named Gibson who has invented a Solex agitator―an extremely powerful energy device. Bond finds out that the invention and his assassin are somehow connected.
The Spy Who Loved Me
  • Movie Director : Lewis Gilbert
  • Release Date : August 3, 1977 (USA)
  • Starring : Barbara Bach (as Bond girl)
  • Curd Jürgens (Stromberg) (as Bond villain)
Synopsis: British and Soviet submarines that were carrying nuclear warheads go missing. At the same time, a sophisticated submarine tracking device is up for sale in the market. Bond with the help of a KGB agent trace it back to shipping magnate Karl Stromberg. Stromberg is planning to trigger a nuclear war. Oh, and yes, Bond murdered the KGB agent's husband.
  • Movie Director : Lewis Gilbert
  • Release Date : June 26, 1979 (UK)
  • Starring : Lois Chiles (as Bond girl)
  • Michael Lonsdale (Hugo Drax) (as Bond villain)
Synopsis: Bond is ordered to investigate an American space shuttle that is space jacked. Bond traces it to a person named Hugo Drax, who is manufacturing chemical weapons. He intends to use the space shuttles as carriers for the weapons and destroy life on the planet.
For Your Eyes Only
  • Movie Director : John Glen
  • Release Date : June 24, 1981 (UK)
  • Starring : Carole Bouquet (as Bond girl)
  • Julian Glover (Cristatus) (as Bond villain)
Synopsis: A British spy ship sinks with a high value encryption device with it. Bond must salvage the machine as it carries the encryption codes for nuclear launches for the whole Polaris fleet. He has to get to the machine before the Russians do. Will he succeed?
  • Movie Director : John Glen
  • Release Date : June 6, 1983 (UK)
  • Starring : Kristina Wayborn (as Bond girl)
  • Louis Jourdan (Kamal Khan) (as Bond villain)
Synopsis: A 00 agent turns up dead at the British embassy with a Fabergé egg. When bond investigates the source, it leads him to Octopussy who is helping a smuggler named Khan to transport authentic treasures like the egg into the United States. Bond later finds out that an evil General Orlov has replaced one of the eggs with a nuclear warhead.
A View to a Kill
  • Movie Director : John Glen
  • Release Date : June 13, 1985
  • Starring: Tanya Roberts (as Bond girl)
  • Christopher Walken (Max Zorin) (as Bond villain)
Synopsis: An ultra ambitious industrialist, Max Zorin wants to establish a monopoly over the microchip market of the world. He wants to do this by destroying all the competition in the California Silicon Valley. Bond investigates and finds out the elaborate plan Zorin has planned.
  • Once age started showing, Moore was replaced by Timothy Dalton.
  • At 6.2 ft., he was the tallest Bond actor among other actors.
  • His portrayal of Bond was much grittier and cold, because of which he received a mixed reaction from fans.
  • He was the last Bond to be shown smoking on celluloid.
  • He publicly announced that he wouldn't be doing GoldenEye, the next bond Movie in the pipeline, after a series of script delays and some impending lawsuits apropos the character.
The Living Daylights
  • Movie Director : John Glen
  • Release Date : July 31, 1987 (USA)
  • Starring: Maryam d'Abo (as Bond girl)
  • Joe Don Baker (Whitaker) (as Bond villain)
Synopsis: Bond is directed to help with the defection of a high ranking soviet general. But the extraction does not go according to plan, with an assassin sent to kill Bond, leading to the general being recaptured. Bond travels along all the continents to find what led to the failure of the operation.
Licence To Kill
  • Movie Director : John Glen
  • Release Date : July 14, 1989 (USA)
  • Starring : Carey Lowell (as Bond girl)
  • Robert Davi (Sanchez) (as Bond villain)
Synopsis: Bond's CIA friend Felix Leiter is almost killed by a drug lord named Sanchez. Bond swears revenge. 'M' recognizes the rage and revokes his license to kill, making him a rogue agent. Bond, nonetheless, pursues the mission with vengeance and infiltrates Sanchez's organization effectively.
  • Dalton was replaced by Pierce Brosnan, who the audiences compared to Connery.
  • Pierce again brought to the screen the confidence and style, although critics panned most of his movies except GoldenEye.
  • His movies were average grossers. His movie Die Another Day, in particular, made below average profit compared to any other movie, which led the makers to revamp the series.
  • All branches of Madame Tussauds did away with his Bond wax figurines after he was officially taken over by Daniel Craig in 2005.
  • Movie Director : Martin Campbell
  • Release Date : November 17, 1995 (US)
  • Starring: Famke Janssen, Izabella Scorupco (Bond girls)
  • Sean Bean (Alec Trevelyan) (as Bond villain)
Synopsis: Bond, after infiltrating and destroying a chemical research facility in Russia, finds out that a renegade spy named Alec Trevelyan is in possession of access codes to a space weapon that's capable of destroying financial records of a whole country, effectively collapsing it. Bond, with the help of a survivor of the chemical research facility, finds Alec and retrieves the codes, before any calamity could take place.
Tomorrow Never Dies
  • Movie Director : Roger Spottiswoode
  • Release Date : December 19, 1997 (USA)
  • Starring: Michelle Yeoh, Teri Hatcher (as Bond girl)
  • Jonathan Pryce (Elliot Carver) (as Bond villain)
Synopsis: A media Tycoon, Elliot Carver wants to have monopoly over the broadcasting all over the world. This also means that he has to have broadcasting control over China too. He plans to achieve it by instigating a war between Britain and China. Bond with a Chinese intelligence official must try to foil this plan, and save the world from an imminent World War.
The World is Not Enough
  • Movie Director : Michael Apted
  • Release Date : November 19, 1999 (USA)
  • Starring: Denise Richards (as Bond girl)
  • Robert Carlyle (Renard) (as Bond villain)
Synopsis: Sir Robert King, an oil tycoon and a friend of 'M', dies, and Bond is dispatched to protect his daughter, Elektra King (Sophie Marceau). Bond encounters an international terrorist, Renard who does not feel pain. He is plotting to bomb the pipelines of King's company. When Bond reaches the end of the line, he realizes there is a much more dangerous threat than just a simple bombing.
Die Another Day
  • Movie Director : Lee Tamahori
  • Release Date :November 22, 2002 (USA)
  • Starring: Halle Berry (as Bond girl)
  • Rick Yune (Zao) (as Bond villain)
Synopsis: Bond is captured and tortured in North Korea when on a mission. He is exchanged after 14 months in captivity and is hell-bent on finding out who betrayed him. On the top of this, he is stripped of all his powers since he is suspected to have talked while being tortured. Determined to clear his name, Bond hunts down Zao and traces him to Iceland, where a much more sinister plot is waiting for his heroics.
  • Daniel Craig was chosen after Brosnan as the producers wanted to show Bond in a different light altogether.
  • In the latest movies, Bond is vulnerable, and although he maintains his deadpan expression, a lot can be seen on his face.
  • Daniel plays the role perfectly. People loved that this Bond does not care if he gets dirty, and there is more to Bond than his expensive suits and drinking Vodka Martini.
  • Among others, he is the shortest actor to play Bond at 5 feet and 11 inches.
Casino Royale
  • Movie Director : Martin Campbell
  • Release Date : November 14, 2006 (London)
  • Starring: Eva Green (as Bond girl)
  • Mads Mikkelsen (Le Chiffre) (as Bond villain)
Synopsis: Le Chiffre, a criminal mastermind, is plotting a terrorist attack on an airport to help him short sell shares of the aircraft company, thus, making huge profits. He also helps in laundering money for terrorist organizations. Bond foils the plan and the attack which leads Le Chiffre to gamble his money in a poker tourney. Bond has to counter this by becoming a player himself.
Quantum of Solace
  • Movie Director : Marc Forster
  • Release Date : November 14, 2008 (USA)
  • Starring: Olga Kurylenko (as Bond girl)
  • Mathieu Amalric, Anatole Taubman (Bond villains)
Synopsis: There is an assassination attempt on 'M', and Bond is set on the task of investigating it. He traces it to Robert Greene, a green energy industrialist, with links to a high ranking military official of Bolivia. Bond with the help of his CIA friend Felix and Camille (Olga) unearth a far more evil plot by Greene.
  • Movie Director : Sam Mendes
  • Release Date : October 23, 2012 (London)
  • Starring: Naomie Harris (as Bond girl)
  • Javier Bardem (Silva) (as Bond villain)
Synopsis: Bond is presumed to be killed in a botched-up operation in Istanbul. People and the government start questioning M's capability of running the circus efficiently. The circus is bombed shortly thereafter putting M under questioning by a parliamentary board. A former MI6 spy tries to assassinate M, and Bond comes out of self-exile to save her, using his childhood home as a last stand.
These movies have one more intriguing aspect other than action, weapons, and the man himself, and that is the 'Bond Girls'. Without the girls and gadgets, Bond is incomplete. For all die-hard fans, Bond movies will never be able to satisfy their insatiable hunger for more action and thrill. So off we go, leaving you with one of the most favorite and famous lines ever, "The name is Bond, James Bond."