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Modeling Tips―How to become a Model

Modeling Tips―How to become a Model

If you think you have the looks and the attitude to make in big in the modeling industry, then this article should be of some help to you. Here is some information that will go a long way to make your modeling career a successful one.
Buzzle Staff
Life in the fast lane, that's what this profession is all about. Unlike a 9 to 5 job, it involves grueling hours. Rejection is also part of the package, along with tedious work. But, this is just one side of the story, the other being the one you are more interested in. So, read on to find out how to become a model. You never know, the information here might just prove to be the ace up your sleeve.

To start with you need to get a portfolio done. Remember to create one that is impressive and speaks for itself.

A portfolio consists of a collection of photographs (around 20 should be fine) that display your potential as a model. This is what helps you bag the best assignments! While having your picture taken, ensure that the photographs cover a gamut of emotions and backdrops. To present the portfolio, you need a presentation folder, good prints, and a CD (Compact Disc) too. The pictures should be 12"×8", and a combination of black and white as well as colored pictures.

Composite Card
You should also get yourself a comp (Composite) card, Model card or Zed card. It is usually A5 or 5½"×8½" with a head shot and your name on the front. It also includes smaller shots and basic statistics and information about the kind of work you are looking for. Get your comp card printed on your own. Do not depend on the modeling agency, as they will print their logo on it. This might deter other agencies from giving you work.

The next thing on your agenda is to register with an agency. The work of an agency is to provide models to paying clients. To do this, they charge a commission from the client. It is important to look for one that is reliable. To find out about agencies, where they are located, and if they are reliable, you need to get on the Internet or ask around. Once you have found an agency, phone and make an appointment to visit them.

When you walk in through the door, be clear as to what you would like to know. Ask them questions like, who their models are? What kind of assignments they specialize in? If they like you and things proceed further, do take a look at the offer carefully. Make sure everything is written down in the agreement. If you have a doubt of any kind, you could show it someone you trust. With your portfolio, comp card, and agreement in place, the world is your stage.

Wait! Read these tips, they might just arm you to face the unexpected and mold you into a thorough professional.
  • Punctuality is important. If there is an unavoidable problem, inform those waiting for you.
  • Let someone know you are having the shoot and who you are with. Provide them with the contact name, telephone number, and location.
  • While going for a shoot, carry extra clothing and your own makeup. Never assume that everything you need will be provided.
  • Make sure that the photographer is a legitimate one. To do this, you can ask the photographer for references.
  • Do not do anything you are not comfortable about.
  • Don't forget to carry a mobile and extra cash. This will ensure you have money to go home, in case adequate transportation facilities are not provided.
  • Learn to negotiate with prospective employers. It is important to remember that modeling is a business, not a personal venture. Do not treat a prospective employer rudely, you never know what the future has in store.
  • Make sure that things written in the agreement are followed up.
  • Always stay positive despite the setbacks.
  • Keep on adding photographs to your portfolio. Ask the photographer for copies of the pictures he takes.
  • Stay in shape. While making public appearances, wear clothes that complement you.
  • Have a professional or a friend create a website for you. This will provide you with a wider audience and more work.
  • Keep on meeting new people, who will help you bag better assignments and take your future places.
Now that you are stepping out with most of the information you will require to make it out there, I certainly hope you make it to the top.