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Weighing in on the Pros and Cons of Being a Famous Child

Pros and Cons of Being a Famous Child
Being popular is always desirable to us humans. Kids are no exception. As there are perks to being a famous child (either born to famous parents, or a child prodigy), so are there umpteen pitfalls to the same.
Rujuta Patil
Last Updated: Apr 9, 2018
Girl on Stage
For celeb kids, sometimes, existence itself is a reason enough to make headlines. A video of a 5-year-old singing any of his rock star parent's songs, in that cutest ever accent, can go viral in seconds. Besides the attention, they are also, of course, pampered at home. Also, it seems like very few (or actually none) of their wishes are left unfulfilled.
Celeb Family Walking On Red Carpet
Getting into a top-ranked university is no big deal if your parents are famous. Sometimes, even merit is sidelined for such influential VIP sons and daughters. Having connections with the high and mighty of almost every arena, it is as easy as 'you name it and we got it'. Surprisingly enough, some institutions even feel honored to have such famous children as their students.
Family in Airplane
Being born to famous parents, famous children naturally inherit a lavish lifestyle. And why not; who wouldn't want to travel places (right since you were a toddler) and see the world first-class. It adds to your persona and gives you so much to flaunt. Possibly, you also get to live in all the world-famous cities, not as tourists, but as residents, because that is where you all have a home.
Child Actress
Children are portrayed brilliantly in several media projects; and are paid extremely well too. They also earn great accolades and acclaim at a very young age. In this case, the parents of the child prodigy are drawn into the limelight because of the kid. Besides, little ones who shine in a sport, or an art, or in academics, achieve immense fame and admirers too. Excellent, as long as they have fun in whatever they do!
Celeb Kid Future Taken Care Of
It is said that 'fame' follows 'name'. Celeb kids are bound to have a head start when they choose to (or have to) venture into the same field as that of their famous parents. Born and brought up in a well-known musician's family, for instance, the kid is already familiar with the environment of the entertainment industry. He/she is thus easily accepted or welcomed by the majority.
Child Among Paparazzi
It's never all hunky-dory being a famous child though. The paparazzi can be very annoying as they are curious about everything that concerns you, even if you happen to sneeze! Being famous, you cannot roam the streets freely, or go out with the family, or even stand peacefully in your garden. Given a chance, they would follow you even in the bathroom! Not at all fun.
Boy and Girl in Park Girl on Stage
Facing the camera or being on stage at a tender age sounds exceptional, but it comes at a cost. Being a young performer changes a six- or seven-year-old's life greatly. Stardom makes the child famous, but also demands the child to sacrifice the time spent with his/her peers, which is crucial to his development. Traveling for work, balancing work and school, they have to miss out on a lot of fond memories.
Girl Lying Down in Park
Celeb kids or child prodigies are generally more exposed to the real world than their peers. Also, the praise and acclaim they receive boosts their self-esteem, which may create problems for them as adults. Fame and glory may risk the child's childhood and make him/her mature at a young age. It is not surprising then, to see the kid's parents being worried about their little hearts growing up.
Kid watching TV
Celebrities being so busy with work, may not have enough time for the kids. Although they have many home-managers dedicated to each task, babysitting the child is never desirable. Similarly, parents of child stars are often accused of forcing their little ones into show business for money. The world does treat them a little unfairly though.
Who am I? Child and his Shadow
If you are a born star or born into stardom, either ways, you are expected to - first, follow in the footsteps of your parents, and second, even surpass them in popularity and fame. How can such a famous child NOT feel any pressure? He/she has to struggle to break this circle of expectation, and respect his true calling. On the contrary, when happy to follow in the footsteps of dad or mum, taking all the good and bad equally, also needs courage.