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11 Things Only Choosy People Can Understand and Relate To

11 Things Only Choosy People Can Relate To
Do you often find yourself spending too much time thinking over the decisions you have taken, even for the smallest of things? If so, you might be a choosy person. Here, we provide a list of certain aspects in life that almost all choosy people will be able to relate to.
Anuj Mudaliar
Last Updated: Jan 2, 2019
You Set High Standards for Everything
Being Choosy Around People
You choose clothes, food, relationships, etc., by obsessively poring over the details. While this can be beneficial for some things, it can be a real bother in others.
This is especially the case while working on relationships, where you may miss out on good people just because they do not satisfy your expectations.
You Give What You Get
Giving Back
Being too picky is not always bad. When you are choosy, you not only set high standards for others but also for yourself.
So, you choose a job that you like, eat what you like, and surround yourself with people whom you like. However, you also put in some effort and give back so that you are satisfied that you deserve all that you have.
Comfort Does Not Always Mean Satisfaction
Comfort vs. Satisfaction
Be it relationships, careers, interests, etc., a common trait of choosy people is that they work to see the difference between what they are comfortable doing and what would actually satisfy them.
So, you only look for the best person to date, a job that you are passionate about, something which would make you feel productive. However, this again means that you may miss out on opportunities, and you may have to wait a long time before finding what you were looking for.
Making Decisions Is A Pain, But Is Satisfactory Once Done
Troubles in Making Decision
Most people are willing to make mistakes, in the hope that they can catch up later on.
However, one of the most common characteristics of choosy people is that they always want to take each step carefully, after mulling over each decision numerous times, from every angle, so that they are successful in their endeavors. While this works many-a-time in their favor, sometimes the best laid plans can fall flat, leading to great disappointment.
The Struggle With Multimedia
Man Choosing A Book
Everyone loves their movies, books, and music, but for choosy people, the media that they believe worth considering, belongs only to a particular few genres, by one or two directors, actors, authors, etc.
Beyond these parameters, nothing will interest them, regardless of other people's opinions. Also, a decision to watch a movie or read a book more than once needs great deliberation: Does it have a happy ending? Is it a drama/horror/thriller? What about the characters? ... and so on.
Relatives Can Never Buy You Clothes
Choosy About Clothes
For picky people, shopping for dresses is pointless if they are not there to try everything on before a purchase is made.
You will only wear a certain type of jeans, shirts, socks, etc. For you, brands may not be important, you may only want comfort, style, and a reasonable price tag. Since most relatives want to buy clothes as gifts during the holidays, this choosy attitude can drive them nuts.
Shopping For Shoes Can Be A Major Problem
Picky About Shoes
This goes especially for girls/women. When you are out on a shopping expedition, zeroing down on an item such as shoes can be a monumental task.
In some cases, this may go to extremes, when you go without making a purchase for years, till you find a pair that you actually like. For you, patience is indeed a virtue.
Being Picky About Food ...
Being A Picky Eater
Being choosy when it comes to food can be very difficult to explain to your friends and family. Especially when the food is to the liking of everyone except you.
Constant pestering and worrying about your diet can make you scream. This is made even worse when you are a guest and are afraid that you might be considered rude for refusing to eat from the menu, which appears really appetizing to others.
Being Too Picky In Relationships
When it comes to dating, being too choosy can be a big bother. First, you have a long list of requirements that all potential dates should fulfill. You reject people left, right, and center if you find even one fault, which may not be that important.
This happens so many times that you can't recollect when you last accepted a date, and even people close to you tell you that you are being too picky. A movie-type romance is an unrealistic expectation, and you might end up with regret.
Being Too Picky About Jobs
Job Searches
While it is good to choose a job in a field that you are passionate about, being choosy about the company you work in just because of the facilities, perks, or colleagues reduces your chance of landing a dream job.
This makes you doubt your abilities, leaving you confused about where it all went wrong. This is compounded by the fact that most employers nowadays are being too picky, selecting only those applicants who have prior experience or training in relation to the position.
Your Mind is Constantly Fighting Your Heart
Mind or Heart
Your whole being is always in a state of flux as your heart fights the practicality of your mind. And you cannot decide if following your heart will lead to a good outcome.