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11 Things Only People Who Moved a Lot as Kids Will Understand

Things People Who Moved a Lot as Kids Understand
People who moved around a lot as a child have had a turbulent, yet exotic lifestyle, thanks to their parents who were in the military, etc. Having been brought up everywhere, you've become a restless spirit filled with love for travel, adventure. And you won't trade your lifestyle for anything.
Tanaya Navalkar
Last Updated: Dec 29, 2018
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Struggles of People Who Moved a Lot as a Child
"Where are you from?"
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You could never really figure out how to answer that question. Whenever you're asked this big question, you don't know where to begin.
The only thing that goes on in your mind is whether you should mention your birth place, current location, or the place that you've lived in the longest. Several seconds pass by, and you're blankly staring at the person, before you finally decide to say "everywhere", because you're too lazy to tell your story again.
You've become adaptable to change
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Having lived in small and big cities, and in all kinds of environment, you've learned to press the reset button in your life, and have developed a strong immunity against pesky cultural shocks.
In fact, you start feeling restless if you stay put at a particular place for a long time. It also made you appreciate the small things in life.
You're super talented when it comes to packing and shifting
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Thanks to your kind-of gypsy lifestyle, you've developed a super power to pack and transfer your entire house in boxes quite efficiently, and unpack again at a new place.
Unpacking felt like Christmas mornings or birthday evenings, because you got to unpack your stuff that you didn't get to see in weeks. At times, you also discovered some new or old things that you never knew or remembered had existed in your life.
You get shocked when people say they've never left their hometown
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You get baffled every time you hear about someone who was born and brought up in the same house and city since his/her great-great-grandparents' generation.
You do like the idea of settling down at one place, and even fantasize about it, but somehow it still makes you feel restless.
You're excited when you meet someone who has moved around a lot
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You instantly click with a person who has also moved and traveled around a lot, especially to one of those smaller, unknown places that you've also been to.
There's so much to talk about and discuss. That is the exact moment when you know you both are going to become great friends.
You got to be the 'new kid' many times
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Yes! Changing so many schools until college gave you a chance to hold the 'new kid' title many times, It felt really cool to be in the spotlight, because not everyone gets a chance to be one! (smirk)
Your friends have been secretly jealous of your nomadic lifestyle
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How much ever your friends may say that they love their life and place, they've always been secretly jealous of you since you got to see and live at so many places that they haven't even heard of.
Making friends has always been a cakewalk for you
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You've become an expert at befriending complete strangers in the first meeting itself. For you, every new place meant a new best friend. So, technically, you have best friends at every place you've been to.
You have tons of other friends many places, and you did make an effort to be in touch with them by writing to them. Well, that never really lasted for long, let's be honest, Facebook reconnected you with half of them.
You definitely regret not having THAT group
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You know, THAT group, where 6-7 friends are together since their kindergarten days.
They went to same school, and finally different colleges where they swore to stick by each other for life, but still managed to reunite a couple of times a month, every festival, or vacation.
You still get sad while leaving a place
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Having changed many cities, you've become used to saying goodbyes to your friends and places. However, you did feel sad each time you had to change cities.
But you don't fear that situation anymore, unlike others who panic at the very thought of leaving their friends and family behind.
You always tell the best stories
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Most of your stories start with "When I was in...", and at the end of the day, your stories are the best. You can never get bored of telling them. Although it may have been tough, you're glad to have this kind of lifestyle.