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Struggles and Benefits of Being a Short Girl That're Just Too Real

Struggles and Benefits of Being a Short Girl
"God only lets things grow until they're perfect... Some of us didn't take as long as others", the continual reminder we give ourselves and others around. If only the tall world could understand. Being short sure has its set of struggles; we can't shun the cons, let's just jollify them with 'LOL, so true' nods, and enjoy the perks of being a short girl.
Payal Kanjwani
Last Updated: Mar 26, 2018
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"And though she be little, she's fierce!" Probably, Shakespeare understands the mightiness hidden within tiny things. Besides being bombarded with a slew of questions like, "How tall are you?", "Have you always been this short?", "How is the weather down there?", and bearing being talked to like a Pomeranian puppy, there are some great things about life as a short girl. At 4'11.6", when I can't get any more petite, I absolutely love being one for the most part. I mean, I can never really imagine living a life the other way. Who says, you got to be 5'11" to get noticed? When you have several heads turn to you being the smallest girl in the room.
Being short definitely has its set of negatives. But besides being an armrest to every person you meet, you're a best friend to many, 'cause you know, they say, short girls make great friends as they are incredibly trustworthy. You see, being short, has some amazing advantages. Let's look at some pros and cons of being a short girl. And, not to miss, the struggles of being in a relationship with a tall guy!
And BTW, only we have the permission to refer to ourselves as short. You say it, and we take an offense.
Benefits of being a shorty
You're ridiculously adorable.
Thus, "cute" becomes your default description.
You develop a miraculous bond with anyone and everyone who's short.
You remain in your 'sweet sixteen' zone forever. In fact, you're the inspiration behind the song "Forever Young."
Everybody is generally generous and gentle with you for your fragile looks.
They end up doing more for you! Struggle to fetch the box of cereal in the top shelf? "Let me get it for you" is all you hear.
"You're the most innocent thing they've met" is what you get to hear. All the time.
Not just oldies, even children adore you. Guess why, 'cause they think you're one of them.
You can try going shopping with them, 'cause kids' section :') (cheaper!)
Chances are, you're proficient at sewing skills. And if not, you have a dear tailor friend always by your side.
never to tall for heels
There is no such pair of heels that's "too tall" for you. And let's face it, heels look better on shorter girls than taller chicks.
And if you don't get a perfect pair in the adult section, fret not. You've the opportunity to try kids' shoes as well. (best of both worlds) A size 3 in kids mesmerizingly equals a size 5 in adults!
You're so compact, you can fit into an innocuous space with comfort.
You never have to worry about bumping your head onto a ceiling.
You can comfortably fold your legs up in a chair.
rainy day
Even Nature favors you―you're the last one to get rained on.
You're less prone to sunstroke and other UV problems 'cause you're further from sun than taller fellows.
You help save Earth, 'cause apparently your impact on the environment is significantly smaller than taller people.
it hurts kess if trip and fall
They say, "The bigger they are, the harder they fall." So, it hurts less if you trip and fall.
Your superpower―crowd weaving. You can span the distance from being the last at the concert than reaching the top in like milliseconds. Bonus: people help you achieve that.
In movie theaters and cinema halls, you can walk free as and when you want, since you can never block anyone's view!
Remember your favorite dress from high school? No matter how old you grow, there's at least one outfit in your wardrobe that perfectly fits you. And your friends wonder how many clothes you have.
You always get the front seat in group pictures.
clothing: pro of being short
And so you'll always be remembered as the one in the front row of every year's class photo in school.
Talking about your personality, people find you sweet and trustworthy, 'cause studies say so.

Guys like short girls more.
Tall guys like you 'cause you tuck in incredibly well under their arms. Shorter boys like you, well, you know why!
Surveys and stats also show that shorter girls make better lovers.
You're the perfect cuddle size.
As if the whole concept of 'forehead kissing' was started keeping you in mind.
Struggles of being a shorty
You get to hear different versions of the classic, "How's the weather down there?" by your friends, coworkers, probably any person you meet.
You're forever the armrest! Dude, FYI, I'm not a piece of furniture.
pets are cute
You get pissed at being called "cute" when you are trying hard to carry off the "sexy" image. I mean, babies are cute. Pets are cute. Adults are NOT!
Jeans! They give you the feel of wearing leggings. The ultimate struggle is to find a pair that isn't too tall!
Hemming is your favorite hobby.
Maxi dresses make you look as if you're drowning in the outfit.
Blazers and shirts with long sleeves cover your palms.
Yoga pant bottoms are bound to get ripped. And yeah, how can we not make a mention about their state in the rains.
Bathroom mirrors just don't seem to get it.
cooking dinner
Cooking dinner is like doing acrobatics. Well, grocery shopping―a rock climbing activity.
And then come the cardio workouts in the quest to match the pace with taller people.
You give up on your 'supermodel' dream.
Even if you gain two pounds, it's noticeable. If ten, you probably look in shape. Round is a shape.
You don't get the reason why peepholes were invented.
When going for long (or short) car rides, they've a seat reserved for you―the middle seat!
You hope and pray that nobody sits in front of you at the movies. Or may be you get accustomed to watching the entire show through a gap.
And then you meet those who are amnesic to the fact you're standing up.
sitting on high chair
You get the feeling of always sitting in a high chair *dangling legs*.
You're being asked for ID when you're 25.
Your clothes will cost you more than anything! Hemming, fixes and alterations; no piece of clothing fits you right at the first go.
You become the victim of perpetual torture for "Are you tall enough for this ride?" at amusement parks.
one word:swimming
People never take you seriously! They find it funny when you're mad! Then they go with a series of "Awww, you look so cute when you are angry!" comments.
Better not going to standing-room-only concerts, than to go, get mashed to listen to radio amongst a crowd of hippies.
You need to be super-flexible to get on a bike.
No matter how high your heels are, you're still shorter than most coworkers.
Taking selfies with your best friend is a nightmare. Either make them bend down to your level, or look like a Shih Tzu puppy being petted.
You know how it feels to get everyone's nose breath in your face when in a lift. Upsetting is an understatement.
Short legs... smaller steps... You're mistaken as a latecomer, 'cause you're the last person to reach anywhere.
And of course, the best of all, people assume you should be accompanied by an adult, even though you've been a legal adult for years!
'Short girl tall guy' problems
Dating a shorter girl has numerous benefits too. You share the most warm hugs and cuddles. You're petite and proportionate stats, your innocently adorable image, your inherently trustworthy persona, makes guys go gaga over it. But let's hear some struggles faced by shorter women that no one shares.
Thank you tall boyfriend for making me feel like a kid. When holding hands, you have to bend your arm at a particular angle, right at the elbow and aim up.
We all know the very popular, very "awww'd" kissing stance of a short girl-tall guy couple, but what about our necks that hurt due to stretching?
And it doesn't stop here. Standing on our tiptoes for so long, you gotta give us a point there for our endurance.
And you ought to face questions like, "How did you find someone this tall?", "Are you actually seeing each other?", and the deliberate one―I thought, you were cousins!
And that wicked expression everyone gives you when they see y'all together. Be prepared to get a lot of dirty comments about the possibilities of height difference.
Despite all the struggles, we say, it's all worth it.
every tall guy need short girl
Because ...
Every tall guy needs a short girl.
Next time you're being addressed as 'shorty', remember, you have a good bunch of girls right by your side, sharing your struggle, fetching cereal from a higher shelf... Striving to look at the taller part of the world. Short girls are set to rule the world, climbing the ladder, one step at a time.