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8 Painfully Detrimental Things We Wish Had Never Been Invented

8 Things We Wish Had Never Been Invented
To err is human, and humans have for sure invented things which should not have existed in this world. Though some may argue that these inventions are useful in a way, but the bad outweighs the good easily.
Meghna Tongiya
Last Updated: Mar 26, 2018
Dumped plastic
Handy as it may be, plastic bags and bottles are certainly something which should not have been invented for all the hazard it poses to the environment due to its slow degradation rate.
Though different plastics degrade at different times, the average time taken for a plastic bottle to degrade completely is 450 years!
Arms and Ammunition
Guns and bullets
Whatever be the reason for this deadly invention, the cons outnumber the pros any which way. Firearms have certainly altered the course of humanity, and therefore, these contraptions or devices should not have been invented.
Selfie Sticks
A small piece of equipment that took the social media world by storm. When selfies became a craze, people now felt the need for selfie sticks.
These selfie sticks have actually proved to be fatal with people going to extremes to click a selfie, right from hanging upside down a rooftop to a cliff. Selfie sticks have really become dangerous, and totally annoying.
Cigarette smoking
One of the most lethal creations of mankind, a cigarette, some might argue, has even outdid the atomic bomb in terms of fatalities. Smoking causes thousands of deaths every year and effects both smokers and non-smokers equally.
A person wearing necktie
Though neckties are a vital part of formal attire, they have caused irritation, suffocation, infection, and the list goes on. With all these potential issues, do you really think wearing a necktie is rational?
Girl on treadmill
Every time we see those infomercials on the TV, it sure does get our blood boiling. Infomercials are something which should not have been invented, and now that are invented, they should be stopped, ASAP!
Chalk Sticks
Classroom scene
The humble chalk stick has proved to be the cause of cancer in school teachers. The dust from the chalk is highly toxic. Swallowing the chalk stick will not cause as much harm as inhaling the dust from the chalk.
Steering Wheel Tray
Car steering
While driving, it is expected that you should only drive. If a driver is that hungry, he/she can always pull over and eat something. Inventing a wheel tray has only one consequence, increasing the chances of road accidents.