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Animated Movies 2017

Animated Movies 2017
Do you want to know which animated movies are the best ones to watch? This article will help you out.
Kulbhushaan Raghuvanshi
Last Updated: Dec 13, 2017
Boy With Skateboard
Did you get Tangled Up in stories of Finding Nemo and Dory, who were Brave just like Wall-E? Animated movies are one of the best genre of movies to watch. They guarantee and deliver total fun and entertainment for the entire family. Watching an animated film takes you to a land far away that you've always dreamed off. The vibrant colors and special effects are just a delight to watch. Though many people still have old favorites like Tom and Jerry, Aladdin, Mickey, Friends, and so on. Those were some wonderful times and you never get tired of watching a good animated magical story.

    Well, animation has grown over leaps and bounds since those times. We have seen some path-breaking technology and visual effects. We all have been fans of Disney movies, and movies from other companies such as Pixar, Dreamworks, etc. We saw some great films release this year, including the much awaited third part of Despicable Me.
Did you know ?
The scene of the movie 'UP' where the entire house is lifted by balloons? It was so precise that movie makers know the total count of all the balloons. It was 10,297 balloons!
Despicable Me 3
Dru: “Face it, Gru, villainy is in your blood.”

    Despicable Me 3 is this year's highest grossing animated movie. Its a fact that we love Gru and his cute little family, but the best part of the film is Minions. We can't get enough of them! The trailer itself was entertaining, so, naturally movie was worth every penny. Gru found his twin brother Dru. And both Gru and Dru hilariously fight with a new villain Balthazar Bratt and the film gives a strong message on the importance of family.
The Lego Batman Movie
Puter: “What is the password?”
Batman: “Iron Man sucks!”

    This year's most anticipated movie came in theaters, and fans just couldn't keep calm. The movie is filled with explosions, battle, humor, destruction, plot twists, crossovers, and much more. Batman goes through a lot in fighting multiple super-villains, and ends up realizing that he cannot do everything alone. Working with a team of superheroes is not at all a bad idea.
The Boss Baby
Boss Baby: “We babies are having a crisis.”
    The Boss Baby is an animated adventure comedy, which released on 31st March 2017. Tim, an only son of the Templeton family gets introduced to his new brother whose name is The Boss. The sibling rivalry comes to an end when Boss Baby says he's on a mission to restore the love towards the babies which is stolen by cute puppies. The bond between Boss Baby and Tim grows as the movie progresses and it shows the epic battle between babies and puppies.
Cars 3
Lightning McQueen,"I decide when I'm done."

    Pixar released the third part of the most popular animated movie franchise and it grossed over $382 million worldwide. The movie starts with the struggle of Lightning McQueen due to entry of a next generation, advanced car, Jackson Storm. With many ups and downs, McQueen realizes that no matter how old you are, there's always something more to learn.
The Emoji Movie
“Not Easy Being Meh”

    In the city of Textopolis, all the emojis who live there have only one facial expression. But one emoji, Gene, has multiple facial expressions and wants to be 'normal'. With the help of his best friend of Hi-5, and a code breaker called Jailbreak, he goes through an exciting journey of self-discovery and decides that he is not meant to have only one expression.
Some more animated movies of 2017
  • Coco
  • Captain Underpants
  • The LEGO Ninjago Movie
  • Smurfs: The Lost Village
  • Batman and Harley Quinn
  • The Star
Upcoming Animated Movies
Cinema buffs always have a lot to look forward to. We have seen some amazing movies that have broken all records this year and some are yet to come. So let's have a look at the upcoming animated movies...
  • Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2
  • Hotel Transylvania 3
  • The Incredibles 2
  • Early Man
So these were some of the best animated movies 2017. Watch them in a theater near you or download them from the Internet. And have a happy movie time!