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How to Become a Hair Model: Find the Secrets Unlocked!

How to Become a Hair Model
One kind of modeling that often goes unnoticed is hair modeling. Hair shows are famous around the country, and there are endless castings for hair models. If you think you have lustrous and glamorous locks, Entertainism would definitely be of some help to you. Here are some tips that will help you to become a successful hair model.
Ashmeet Bagga
Last Updated: Mar 26, 2018
Did You Know?
Former hair model Georgia van Cuylenburg, suffers from alopecia. It is a severe condition, where the sufferer starts shedding his/her hair from some or all parts of the body. In the initial stages, one may notice bald spots on their scalp, and later, lose all of their head's hair.
We all have heard about modeling, and have seen several commercials that feature only particular parts of the model's body. For instance, a jewelry commercial features a model's hand with a bracelet or ring, a lipstick commercial has the model's chin and lips. Similarly, hair modeling focuses mainly on the model's hair and only the hair. Of course, the hiring agency wouldn't complain if the model had perfect, glowing, and flawless skin too.

You don't need to have a perfectly toned body or be 6 feet tall to become a hair model. The beauty industry has opened various avenues for both male and females who are ready to experiment with latest cuts, accessories, and style. For many hair salons and hair product manufacturers, having a hair model is ideal because they want to their product on all types of hair. These models, in return, provide their hair, and consequently, a review about the product, which in turn helps to promote the product.

Hair show works exactly like a runway shows, except that the main emphasis won't be on your clothes or shoes, the main focus is on the hair. Runways are a great way for new and old hairstylists to exhibit their work and talent, by working on models and flaunting their new hairdos. Hair modeling is a great start and a baby step for any individual to start his/her modeling career.

All hairstylist require a range of different hair types to exhibit their creation and imagination. You could fit the bill if you have perfect glossy locks, and you don't mind snipping a few locks to transform them into something that is edgy and suave. Let's take a look at all the tips and requirements to be a hair model. These tips are suitable for both guys and girls.
Long hair girl
The only qualification which you require in this industry is to have long, lustrous locks. I am not saying people with short hair don't stand any chance, but they generally go for long hair, because it becomes easy for hairdressers to style it according to their requirement.
Other than that, you don't need any specific educational qualification, another criterion to fulfill is that you need to be of a certain age. It depends on various conditions, but currently, agencies hire individuals who have a work permit. You can cross check with the company itself or your agent, if you have one.
Maintain your hair
Woman eating food
The first and foremost requirement to become a hair model is to maintain your locks. Start eating healthy. By healthy, we mean consume more green leafy vegetables and H2O. Try to increase your intake of salmon, walnut, and avocado, they contain natural fatty acids which is important to keep hair healthy and shiny. Eat more fresh fruits like apples and bananas.
Washing Hair
Washing Hair
Maintaining hair does not include only eating, you need to treat your hair right to maintain its smooth texture. Wash your hair twice a week, and go for deep conditioning, trim your hair every 6 weeks to get rid of dry ends and split-ends. These will give your hair a fresh and healthy look, and will earn you brownie points when you finally meet your modeling scouts and salon owners. They usually opt for virgin hair, which means hair that has never been dyed or styled using heat.
Beautiful woman with long hair
You certainly require confidence to bag a contract, confidence always takes us one step closer to success. Confidence and attitude can give you an extra edge over the competition. You need to be comfortable in your own skin and hair. So always carry your confidence and right type of attitude, when you go for any audition.
Potential Gigs
You can inquire at your local salon if they have any requirements for hair models, or if they are planning any events for new trainees. Also, you can check online for requirements posted by hair product manufacturers. You always have the option to explore various salons in your area. Select one which suits your style and you will be comfortable working with.
Create a composite portfolio
For any male or female who wishes to become a hair model, a professionally-shot portfolio of your pictures is vital. It can spell the difference between an assured call and getting rejected. Hair models require a front and back head shots and a couple of hair shots. Also, you can add your hair details like texture, color, length, the last time you went for a cut, colored hair or not, etc to your resume.
You can always hire an agent or a manager who can be a better judge about your portfolio, and your chances of making it through. Besides, an agent has contacts in the modeling industry and help obtain a few audition calls for you.
Woman grooming in mirror
Hair models do not have to adhere to conventional modeling norms―specific size, shape, and, color―and are eligible as long as their hair fulfill the agency, company, or salon's requirements. As a model, you just must be ready to cut or chop your hair as they please. While appearing for an audition, be prepared to face competition. Hair modeling is a quick way to enter the fashion and modeling world, for some its easy recognition in the modeling field.
A day before an audition, wash your hair so that you hair gets time to settle down. Refrain from styling your hair like curls, braids, up dos, etc. The concerned people would want to see your hair in its natural state.

Stick to wearing a simple and comfortable attire. During an audition, be very clear about the way your hair would be treated. Clearly mention what is acceptable and whether you are ready to cut your hair really short, or to color them, etc. Decide all this out before signing any agreement or agreeing to any of the terms.
Sometimes, many companies or agencies don't pay the models, instead they provide hair products or a goody bag. Remuneration varies according to location and employer, but it has been estimated that in the U.S. The average salary for a hair model is USD 225 per day. Hair models can earn USD 100 to USD 10,000 per job as well. The pay depends on the type of show and promotional activity. So, don't be too surprised if your local salon does not pay you at all.
Job Requirements
The Hipster Hair Stylist and Model
Models are supposed to be flexible and adapt to the changes to their hair. Their main job is to accept whatever look a hairdresser will give them and to work the charm by carrying the look with confidence to sell the product or the look. They should be ready to get their hair colored, trimmed, or extended too. There are many types of hair models, namely, one who is suitable for runways, one who is used in hair salons to teach new trainees, one who is used in instructional videos, one who models for the print media, e.g., hairstyle magazines, commercial models, and one who is used in various events to promote a particular product.
Photo shoot
Beautiful woman posing at studio
Often after a haircut or hairdo, a photo shoot takes place, where the model is dressed according to the theme, but less emphasis is placed on clothes, and more on the tresses. The agency may click before and after pictures to highlight their piece of art. The model can use these pictures in his or her resume that could further boost his or her career prospects.
That's why it is always advised to maintain an amicable relationship with your coiffure, you never know when an opportunity will knock on your hair! Hair modeling is a great way to boost your career, and you can pursue this as a freelancing job. However, if you really love your hair, and cringe at the thought of somebody bringing a pair scissors close to your hair, then don't inflict such a torture on yourself. If your hair is your pride and joy, but you don't mind experimenting, then go ahead color your hair and be a hair show model or a commercial model.