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Worst Movies Ever Made

Worst Movies Ever Made
There are some movies that are simply awful, no excuses. Bad directing, horrible acting, no storyline, stale gags and jokes, bad cinematography, etc. This article will give you a list of some of the worst movies, so that you do not ruin a perfect evening by picking one of them, unsuspectingly.
Aparna Jadhav
Last Updated: Dec 10, 2017
Have you ever walked into a theater, bought some snacks, expecting to watch a great a movie and then found the snack more interesting?! Well, I have felt this way quite a number of times, when I judged a movie by the publicity and it turned out to be a total disaster! As I said, not all movies that are made can make it to the top of the blockbuster list. However, some do make it to the list of the worst movies of all time. But what is important to make a note of, is the fact that, usually, movies are rated according to the revenue generated in theaters. However, there are some which may have not done so well, with regards to business, but have been appreciated by many. So, in the following list of worst movies ever, you may come across names which you may have seen and actually appreciated. Here goes..
Worthy Mentions of the Last Decade
Let's begin with the latest disasters. This past decade saw an unprecedented number of bad movies being made, and some of them are..
  • Big Momma's House 2 - This movie was released in 2006 and it promised to be a comedy, but it turned out to be unfunny and unimaginative. It is a sequel to Big Momma's House, and stars Martin Lawrence as the loud-mouthed, cross-dressing, undercover federal agent, who pretends to be "Big Momma", a nanny. The movie suffers from over-the-top and mindless dialogs, and does not manage to produce even a single chuckle.
  • I Know Who Killed Me - This Lindsay Lohan starrer was released in 2007, and has the honor of receiving negative reviews in all newspapers and film magazines. Film critics called it the worst movie of the decade, because of its sloppy direction, ponderous screenplay and a lack of a cohesive storyline. In the 28th Golden Raspberry Awards, it earned nine Razzie nominations, winning eight out of the nine nominations! In the 30th Golden Raspberry Awards, this movie was nominated for "Worst Picture of the Decade".
  • Glitter - Glitter, a musical, released in 2001 and it starred the pop diva Mariah Carey. Mariah's pop career almost fizzed out after the movie bombed at the box office. Critics declared it one of the worst movies ever. It received 5 nominations for the 2001 Golden Raspberry Awards, and Mariah Carey walked away with "Worst Actress Award".
  • Catwoman - This movie, starring Halle Berry (in a Lycra catsuit) seemed full of promise, but sank at the box office and failed to impress critics. It was based on the DC comic character, but alas, the superpowers of Catwoman failed to save the movie. It was declared as the worst superhero film to be ever made! It won 4 Razzies for Worst Movie, Worst Actress, Worst Director and Worst Screenplay.
  • Gigli - Starring Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, this movie was much hyped and publicized because of the offscreen romance of the lead stars at the time. It won seven Razzies and was nominated for "Worst Picture of the Decade".
And now for an extensive list, for unsuspecting souls who may be tempted to pick any of the following movies..
Movie Year Director Actors
Blood Sucking Freaks 1976 Joel M. Reed Seamus O'Brien, Viju Krem
The Conqueror 1956 Dick Powell John Wayne, Susan Hayward
Valley Of The Dolls 1967 Mark Robson Barbara Parkins, Patty Duke
Manos: The Hands of Fate 1966 Harold P. Warren John Reynolds, Tom Neyman
Monster a-Go Go 1965 Bill Rebane, Herschell Gordon Lewis (uncredited) June Travis, Henry Hite, Phil Morton, George Perry
Santa Claus Conquers the Martians 1964 Nicholas Webster Leonard Hicks, John Call
Plan 9 from Outer Space 1956 Edward D. Wood Jr. Gregory Walcott, Tom Keene
1941 1979 Steven Spielberg Dan Aykroyd, John Belushi
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band 1978 Michael Schultz Barry Gib, Peter Frampton
Robot Monster (3D) 1953 Phil Tucker George Nader, Gregory Moffett
Flops of the 80s
Movie Year Director Actors
Best Of The Best 1989 Robert Radler James Earl Jones, Eric Roberts
Cyborg 1989 Albert Pyun Jean-Claude Van Damme
Haunted Honeymoon 1986 Gene Wilder Gene Wilder, Gilda Radner
Howard The Duck 1986 Willard Huyck Lea Thompson, Jeffery Jones
Inchon 1981 Terence Young Laurence Olivier, Toshiro Mifune, Jacqueline Bisset
King Kong Lives 1986 John Guillermin Linda Hamilton, Brian Kerwin
Leonard Part 6 1987 Paul Weiland Tom Courtenay, Bill Cosby
Mac And Me 1988 Stewart Raffill Jonathan Ward, Christine Ebersole
Maximum Overdrive 1986 Stephen King Pat Hingle, Emilio Estevez
Popeye 1980 Robert Altman Robin Williams, Shelley Duvall
Million Ways To Die 1986 Hal Ashby Rosanna Arquette, Jeff Bridges
Perfect 1985 James Bridge Jamie Lee Curtis, John Travolta
Ishtar 1987 Elaine May Dustin Hoffman, Warren Beatty
Heaven's Gate 1980 Michael Cimino Kris Kristofferson
Fatal Beauty 1987 Tom Holland Whoopi Goldberg, Sam Elliot
Shanghai Surprise 1986 Jim Goddard Madonna, Sean Penn, Paul Freeman
The Garbage Pail Kids Movie 1987 Rod Amateau Mackenzie Astin, Anthony Newley
Xanadu 1980 Robert Greenwald Gene Kelly, Olivia Newton-John
Heartbeeps 1981 Allan Arkush Andy Kaufman, Bernadette Peters
Harlem Nights 1989 Eddie Murphy Eddie Murphy, Richard Pryor
Caddyshack II 1988 Allan Arkush Robert Stack, Jackie Mason
Going Overboard 1989 Valerie Breiman Billy Bob Thorton, Adam Sandler
Mannequin 1987 Michael Gottlieb Kim Cattrall, Andrew McCarthy
Rhinestone 1984 Bob Clark Sylvester Stallone, Dolly Parton
Hobgoblins 1988 Rick Sloane Paige Sullivan, Tom Bartlett
Red Sonja 1985 Richard Fleischer Arnold Schwarzenegger
Sheena: Queen of the Jungle 1984 John Guillermin Tanya Roberts, Ted Wass
Grease 2 1982 Patricia Birch Maxwell Caulfield, Michelle Pfeiffer
Burglar 1987 Hugh Wilson Whoopi Goldberg, Bobcat Goldthwait
The Pirate Movie 1982 Ken Annakin Kristy McNichol, Christopher Atkins
Flops of the 90s
Movie Year Director Actors
Adrenalin, Fear The Rush 1996 Albert Pyun Christopher Lambert
Baby Geniuses 1999 Bob Clark Kathleen Turner, Christopher Lloyd
Batman & Robin 1997 Joel Schumacher George Clooney, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Chris O'Donnell
Cool As Ice 1991 David Kellogg Kristin Minter, Vanilla Ice
Cop And ½ 1993 Henry Winkler Norman D. Golden II, Burt Reynolds
Ernest Scared Stupid 1991 John R. Cherry III Jim Varney, Eartha Kitt
Four Rooms 1995 Allison Anders, Alexandre Rockwell, Robert Rodriguez, Quentin Tarantino Tim Roth, Madonna
It's Pat, The Movie 1994 Adam Bernstein Julia Sweeney, Dave Foley
Jury Duty 1995 John Fortenberry Tia Carrere, Pauly Shore
Mr Magoo 1997 Stanley Tong Leslie Nielsen, Kelly Lynch
North 1994 Rob Reiner Bruce Willis, Elijah Wood
On Deadly Ground 1994 Steven Seagal Steven Seagal, Michael Caine
Pet Sematary II 1992 Mary Lambert Anthony Edwards, Edward Furlong
Pokemon, The First Movie 1998 Michael Haigney, Kunihiko Yuyama Animation
Spice World 1997 Bob Spiers Spice Girls: Melanie Brown, Emma Bunton, Melanie Chisholm, Victoria Adams (Beckham), Geri Halliwell
Son Of The Pink Panther 1993 Blake Edwards Herbert Lom, Roberto Benigni
Surf Ninjas 1993 Neal Israel Ernie Reyes Jr., Nicolas Cowan, Rob Schneider
The Island Of Dr Moreau 1996 John Frankenheimer Marlon Brando, Val Kilmer, David Thewlis
The Omega Code 1999 Robert Marcarelli Casper Van Dien, Michael York
The Scarlet Letter 1995 Roland Joffé Demi Moore, Gary Oldman
An Alan Smithee Film: Burn Hollywood Burn 1997 Arthur Hiller, Alan Smithee Coolio, Ryan O'Neal
Barb Wire 1996 David Hogan Amir Aboulele, Pamela Anderson
Bio-Dome 1996 Jason Bloom Pauly Shore, Stephen Baldwin
Bonfire Of The Vanities 1990 Brian De Palma Tom Hanks, Bruce Willis
Drop Dead Fred 1991 Ate de Jong Phoebe Cates, Rik Mayall
Even Cowgirls Get The Blues 1993 Gus Van Sant Lorraine Bracco, Uma Thurman
Hudson Hawk 1991 Michael Lehmann Danny Aiello, Bruce Willis
Look Who's Talking Too 1990 Amy Heckerling John Travolta, Kirstie Alley
Shining Through 1992 David Seltzer Melanie Griffith, Michael Douglas
Beloved 1998 Jonathan Demme Oprah Winfrey, Danny Glover
Beavis and Butt-Head Do America 1996 Mike Judge, Mike de Steve Mike Judge, Bruce Willis
Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot 1992 Roger Spottiswoode Sylvester Stallone
Underground Comedy Movie 1999 Vince Offer Rebekah Chaney, Barbara Snellenburg
Inspector Gadget 1999 David Kellogg Rupert Everett, Matthew Broderick
Troll 2 1990 Claudio Fragasso Michael Stephenson
Kazaam 1996 Paul Michael Glaser Shaquille O'Neal
Showgirls 1995 Paul Verhoeven Elizabeth Berkeley
Striptease 1996 Andrew Bergman Demi Moore, Burt Reynolds
Little Giants 1994 Duwayne Dunham Rick Moranis, Ed O'Neill
8 mm 1999 Joel Schumacher Joaquin Phoenix, Nicholas Cage
The Postman 1997 Kevin Costner Kevin Costner, Will Patton
Weekend At Bernie's II 1993 Robert Klane Andrew McCarthy
Flops of the 2000s
Movie Year Director Actors
Ballistic: Ecks Vs Sever 2002 Wych Kaosayananda Antonio Banderas, Lucy Liu
Battlefield Earth 2000 Roger Christian Forest Whitaker, John Travolta
Dirty Love 2005 John Mallory Asher Jenny McCarthy, Carmen Electra
Eragon 2006 Stefen Fangmeier Sienna Guillory, Edward Speleers
Freddy Got Fingered 2001 Tom Green Rip Torn (seriously?!), Tom Green, Marisa Coughlan
House Of The Dead 2003 Uwe Boll Jonathan Cherry, Jürgen Prochnow, Tyron Leitso
Jason X 2002 James Isaac Kane Hodder, Lisa Ryder, Jeff Geddis, Lexa Doig
Kangaroo Jack 2003 David McNally Christopher Walken, Anthony Anderson, Jerry O'Connell
Larry The Cable Guy: Health Inspector 2006 Trent Cooper Larry The Cable Guy, David Koechner
Son Of The Mask 2005 Lawrence Guterman Jamie Kennedy, Alan Cumming
SuperBabies: Baby Geniuses 2 2004 Bob Clark Vanessa Angel, Jon Voight, Scott Baio
The Hottie and the Nottie 2008 Tom Putnam Paris Hilton, Joel Moore, Christine Lakin, Greg Wilson
From Justin to Kelly 2003 Robert Iscove Kelly Clarkson, Justin Guarini
Alone in the Dark 2005 Uwe Boll Cristian Slater, Stephen Dorff, Tara Reid
Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo 2005 Mike Bigelow Rob Schneider, Eddie Griffin
The Room 2003 Tommy Wiseau Tommy Wiseau, Juliette Danielle
Who's Your Caddy 2007 Don Michael Paul Big Boi, Jeffery Jones, Lil Wayne
The Love Guru 2008 Marco Schnabel Jessica Alba, Mike Myers
Norbit 2007 Brian Robbins Eddie Murphy, Thandie Newton
White Chicks 2004 Keenan Ivory Wayans Marlon Wayans, Shawn Wayans
Disaster Movie 2008 Aaron Seltzer, Jason Friedberg Carmen Electra, Kim Kardashian, Vanessa Minnillo, Nicole Parker
Boat Trip 2002 Mort Nathan Cuba Gooding Jr., Horatio Sanz
The Happening 2008 M. Night Shyamalan Mark Wahlberg, Zooey Deschanel, John Leguizamo
Anus Magillicutty 2003 Morey Fineburg Paige Abbot, Lloyd Garner III
Dungeons & Dragons 2000 Courtney Solomon Jeremy Irons, Justin Whalin
Dr. Seuss' The Cat In The Hat 2003 Bo Welch Spencer Breslin, Mike Myers
Swept Away 2002 Guy Ritchie Madonna, Adriano Giannini
Bad Boys II 2003 Michael Bay Martin Lawrence, Will Smith
Pearl Harbor 2001 Michael Bay Ben Affleck, Kate Beckinsale, Josh Hartnett
The Adventures Of Pluto Nash 2002 Ron Underwood Eddie Murphy, Jay Mohr

Wow, I didn't know that there would be so many names coming up in the list. That took some time! Now that you have an extensive list, steer clear of these movies and save yourself the disappointment. But keep in mind what I said earlier, about some movies receiving good critical reviews but not the revenue. There is one movie in this list which I quite liked - Pearl Harbor. I'm sure you too, must have liked some movie in this list. To conclude, I believe that it depends on an individual's perception to decide whether a movie is worth watching or not, because the reason is simple, 'Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.' Cheers!