Blonde Actresses Under 30

The following article has a list of blonde actresses under 30. They are few of the rising stars in Hollywood.

Hollywood has seen many beautiful, gorgeous, and talented young female actors that have made millions of fans across the world. Regardless of what movies they work in, drama, action, comedy, romantic, or any other genre, the movies literally speak for themselves. Whether they are blondes, brunettes, or redheads, we love them nonetheless. But, apart from the stardom and amazing fan following, what's the undying fascination we have with blonde haired actresses? I guess blondes do have more fun and we can see that in the way they carry themselves. Whether their movies work or not, our appreciation for them doesn't alter even a bit. But their passion for acting doesn't just end at movies; they have dabbled in stage plays and television as well. And trust me when I say this, there's nothing dimwitted about these hot, blonde female stars.

With this article, we are trying to put a list of the gorgeous blonde actresses under 30. However, the list could be tough to put together because some of the actresses change the color of their hair. If they are natural blondes, they experiment with different hair colors and vice versa. Hence, we will try to make the list with the names of those actresses who are either natural blondes or have had blonde hair for a very, very long time.

Actresses with Blonde Hair

Now before we begin, I'd like to apologize in advance if for any reason (obviously not intentional) I leave out any names of blonde actresses under 30. And if that does happen, please do leave us a comment below and give us the name of the actresses I overlooked.

* Ages as of June, 2011

Actresses' Names Age Actresses' Names Age
Aimee Teegarden 21 Jessica Biel 29
Alice Eve 29 Jodie Sweetin 29
Allison Mack 28 JoJo Levesque 20
Amanda Bynes 25 Julianne Hough 22
Amanda Seyfried 25 Kaley Cuoco 25
Amber Heard 25 Kate Bosworth 28
Anna Kendrick 25 Katie Cassidy 24
Anna Paquin 28 Katrina Bowden 22
AnnaLynne McCord 23 Keira Knightley 26
AnnaSophia Robb 17 Kirsten Dunst 29
Arielle Kebbel 26 Kristin Cavallari 24
Ashley Greene 24 Laura Vandervoort 26
Ashley Johnson 27 Lauren Conrad 25
Ashely Olsen 25 Leighton Meester 25
Ashley Tisdale 25 Lindsay Lohan 24
Blake Lively 23 Lizzy Caplan 28
Brittany Snow 25 Lyndsy Fonseca 24
Britney Spears 29 Maggie Grace 27
Brooke Hogan 23 Mary-Kate Olsen 25
Chelsea Kane 22 Meaghan Jette Martin 19
Dakota Fanning 17 Megan Park 24
Dianna Agron 25 Mia Wasikowska 21
Elisha Cuthbert 28 Mischa Barton 25
Emilie de Ravin 29 MyAnna Buring 27
Emily Browning 22 Olivia Wilde 27
Emily Osment 19 Rachel Taylor 26
Emily VanCamp 25 Rosie Huntington-Whiteley 24
Emma Stone 22 Sarah Mason 27
Emma Roberts 20 Sarah Paxton 23
Emma Watson 21 Saoirse Ronan 17
Evan Rachel Wood 23 Scarlett Johansson 26
Evanna Lynch 19 Sienna Miller 29
Hayden Panettiere 21 Sofia Vassilieva 18
Hilary Duff 23 Taylor Momsen 17
Jennifer Lawrence 20 Taylor Swift 21

These were some of the hottest, sexiest, and talented actresses under the age of 30. You can go online to search for their individual movie listings. Of course, there are more blonde actresses in Hollywood. But since the cutoff for this article was under 30, unfortunately we couldn't include them in our list. After going over the list, if you feel that we have missed a name or two, feel free to leave us a comment. Also, let us know who's your favorite blonde actress under (or over) the age of 30. We'd love to hear from you.