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The Good and Bad Effects of Reality TV You Didn't Realize

Effects of Reality TV
The popularity of reality television is humongous. However, before you get hooked on to any show, do read about these effects of reality TV.
Kashmira Lad
Last Updated: Apr 2, 2018
As the girl sobbed and sank into the plush seat, others looked on. One of the onlookers began hurling taunts at the sobbing girls, whereas few others comforted her. The only guy amidst them looked perplexed. He walked out of the room silently and began narrating the whole scenario to his friends who listened with rapt attention.

This is a scene which is so typical of reality TV, which has been booming in recent times. The subject of these TV shows can be quite diverse. The truth is, no matter what the subject, reality shows manage to capture loyal fan following that guarantee high TV ratings. Although many viewers cannot stop watching reruns of the ever popular, 'F.R.I.E.N.D.S.', some feel it's time to move on to something different. This is when reality television made its mark on viewers and ensured it received enough attention and loyal viewers. The popularity of these shows has skyrocketed in recent years and these shows have greatly influenced the lives of people.

The effects of reality TV are quite diverse. It has an impact on the viewers in many ways. There are various reasons why reality television has such effects upon viewers. Besides, the effects are not limited to viewers, participants also can be affected in many ways through this medium.

Effect on Viewers

Viewers of reality television who are addicted to these daily programs often get deeply involved into any situation. Often, certain reality television shows are based on topics that have no thought process or concepts. The audience thus, gets hooked on to TV shows, which do not really have any intelligent concept. For example, these shows often highlights constant fights or disagreements between a group and even telecasts certain moments not suitable for viewing for a family audience. However, some shows may even show positive things, which viewers can learn and apply in their daily life. For example, a person can learn about teamwork or be motivated in life to achieve their goals or even chase a dream.

Children are like sponges. They soak tend to soak everything in their surroundings, including that which they see on TV. They tend to imitate the same actions in their real lives. Violence that is portrayed on some reality shows can badly affect a child. It may lead him/her to become aggressive. Despite knowing the fact that most of them are scripted, they often see them as 'real-life' stories and happenings.

Effects on Participants

Reality shows can be addictive, and this is something the audience already knows. Even participants or contestants who finally get the 'lucky break' also face many effects of reality TV. The positive thing about such shows is that contestants get a chance to voice their opinions and showcase their talent, which again depends upon the theme of the show. These otherwise ordinary people now live a life that is watched by people around the world. While some enjoy celebrity status, others fade into oblivion. Instant success upon winning a reality television show gives talented people a much-needed break.

But instant success is a thing, not everybody can deal with. While some cash on to this success as they believe in making hay while the sun shines, others allow success to inflate their egos. Participants that only bask in the glory of their success and allow it to impact them negatively often indulge in outrageous behavior in public and even break laws. Sometimes, certain participants who do not achieve success even tend to suffer from depression.

The truth about reality TV is something far different as compared to what may be seen on it. Snippets from the grapevine reveal a different story. There are many other gimmicks that are used to capture an audience. It is believed that certain scenes are staged and rehearsed and presented as 'reality' for the viewers after editing. So, what is the reality behind these shows? This is a question that still remains unanswered.