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Want to Know How to Become a Foot Model? Follow These Simple Hacks

How to Become a Foot Model
For becoming a foot model, you got to have great-looking feet. Entertainism gets you acquainted with foot-modeling requirements, and suggests you some tips on how to become a foot model.
Payal Kanjwani
Last Updated: Mar 26, 2018
Nice long toes ... And they're articulate, they can say things ... And they have beautiful nail beds ... Mostly what we want to say is 'come touch me' ... These are beautiful feet ... They have beautiful skin on the top and on the bottom ... They have a perfect high arch ... My feet are very articulate, and I exercise them.
― Ellen Sirot
The business of modeling body parts has gained momentum these days. Everyone is bestowed with a feature that draws the attention of people to them like a magnet. Some speak with their eyes, some express with their feet. Practically, every part of the human body is insured for a certain amount, in this industry.
Foot modeling falls under the 'parts modeling' commercial print industry. Well, the requirements may differ from agency to agency, but the basic ones that fetch you a job in foot (parts) modeling industry are listed below.
Appearance of Feet
Appearance of Your Feet
The most obvious one! Appearance of feet matters the most when applying for a foot modeling job. A skin texture that is soft and smooth, free of blemishes and blisters, and devoid of tan or uneven skin tone is desirable. The shape of your toes should be even with the nails cut short. Feet with calluses are definitely not going to work. Agencies prefer feet with no hair, visible veins, or other crinkly distractions.
ZED Card
A ZED card or a composite card is a marketing tool that features a small collection of pictures. This is a traditional technique used by modeling agencies and ad makers to hire models. It works as a business card, too. For a foot modeling job, you need to give the client a portfolio of pictures of your feet, clicked in different angles, at different times of the day, images of barefoot, and pictures with the model wearing sneakers, heels, flats, etc. Your comp card should also include your physical stats―height, weight, foot size. Model's name and contact information (of course) is mandatory.
Shoe Size
The size of your shoe is another important aspect. While the standard foot sizes for women can range between 5 to 7, those for men can range between 9 to 11. Exact foot size requirements may vary from client to client depending on the product that is to be sold and the type of shoot. Before applying for such a job, do check the requirements thoroughly.
Tips to Become a Foot Model
Pamper Your Feet
The most basic requirement is to have 'good' feet. Pamper your feet, go for pedicures regularly. Moisturize them with a mild moisturizer twice a day that will smoothen your skin, and keep it nourished. DON'T apply moisturizer between the toes as this will give rise to fungus. Use a lot of sunscreen to prevent sunburns or when using tanning beds. Prevent blisters and soars. As far as possible, avoid contact with dust. You can opt for closed sandals and closed-toe shoes. Your feet should NEVER smell bad! Keep them clean, wear dry socks. NEVER wear shoes without socks. Perfume your feet with foot deodorizers.
foot massage
Fitness, Not Fatness
Ellen Sirot, one of the top hand and foot models, says, "feet fitness" is extremely important for a foot model. So exercising plays a major role in making those feet look slender and shapely. Practice ankle exercises. Massage your feet, especially, its sole. Test-drive your footwear, and prefigure the blisters and shoe bites. Stick Band-Aid on areas that are likely to get affected. If you get a bubble, pop it with a follicle clipper, clean with peroxide, and stick a Band-Aid over it.
Don't Ignore Your Toenails
Don't ignore the length and shape of the toenails. Keep them short and clean. Long nails could crack and get brittle. Apply tea tree oil, or any anti-bacterial, moisturizing oil that would defend your toes from fungal infection. Always apply a base coat before applying nail polish color. Use paints that have low (or nil) formaldehyde content as that may lead to yellowing of nails. If that happens, rub your toenails with lemon juice. Choose colors that enhance the beaut
Express Through Your Feet
Learn to emote with your feet that will get you one step closer to becoming a great body parts model. Since we are talking about foot modeling here, the client may require you to project your feet accompanied with an object in a certain way emoting a certain feeling. Allow your feet to express boredom, nervousness, pain, and pleasure. Practice by imagining various scenarios; make them behave as if they were tickled or annoyed, etc. Consider some instances of finished products (like footwear, body lotion), and try placing your feet in the best way possible to advertise that product.
One Size Bigger
While most foot specialists suggest to wear shoes that fit, Donny Deutsch, a leading foot model says―she even wears shoes a size too big to protect her feet. Don't wear pointy shoes on occasions where it isn't really required. Opt for flat, comfortable footwear. Cover your feet with socks and baggies when sleeping. Always go shopping for footwear in the evening when there's zero swelling in the ankles.
Picture 'These'!
Firstly, start taking images of your feet when you find them captivating, like after a pedicure session. Refer magazines and publications, try different poses and angles. You could ask a friend to do it for you. Once you're confident about your feet, you could get a foot portfolio done by a professional. Find a professional photographer who's highly experienced to get your feet photographed. Agencies are always seeking for something new, something that would produce that extra wow factor!
Discover, Research, Contact!
The final step is to find out a reliable modeling agency. There are many spans involved in industries as such. Take enough time to find a trustworthy agency, and then send out your photos. Check for job opportunities with specific job requirements.
Well, the average annual salary for a foot modeling job is $122,000. But this can fluctuate highly depending on the organization and its location, the type of work required, and the experience. Foot models like Ellen and Donny state: "a foot model can make anywhere from $500 to a couple thousand dollars per hour."